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    Speed Queen SWFT71WN trying to troubleshoot.

    I have this commercial speed queen frontload washer (SWFT71WN) that stopped working. when you put coins in and press start and then it clicks a few times (like 30 seconds between each one) and then "Close Door" & "Final Rinse Spin" Leds start flashing. The panel has no digital display only...
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    LWS34AW Speed Queen Washer Tub Seal

    Im Looking for a tub seal for the a Speed Queen washer It seems the part has been discontinued and I was wondering if there is a alternative part. The original part# is 40016101. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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    amana speed queen top washer oil link !!!

    MY amana speed queen top washer machine has oil link inside and oils my clothes . what can be the problem ? is it worth to fix ? i submit you some pics in attachment to see the problem.

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