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    Kenmore 417.44042400 spider repair story

    This is about the Kenmore 417.4042400 washing machine of the Electrolux design. The machine in question was built in 07/04. This machine is a nice size for our family, and we have a matching dryer that is scheduled to be stacked on top of the washer soon. For this reason I wanted to fix this...
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    Feedback on Speed Queen Front Loaders

    Does anyone know if Speed Queen front load washers DO NOT use the infamous white pot metal spider like the junk Samsung’s ? The Samsung spider part is made from pot metal that chemically reacts with the aluminum drum and they constantly break. Does anyone know if the Speed Queen front loaders...
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    GHW9100L Inner tub spider support arm has broken

    I was looking at the thread by Jyn and I have the same issue. (FIXED: GHW9150PW0 Whirlpool Duet Broken Spider Arm ) I have the above model Whirlpool Duet washer and the spider arm has broken. My machine does list lifetime warranty on the stainless steel drum. I called Whirlpool today and I...
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    DV331AEW/XAA Samsung Front Loader - Drain pump & Spider Arm... is it worth it?

    Hi! i have a 7 year old Samsung Front Loading Washer machine. Recently started having a lot of drainage issues... with the nd code coming on a lot. There has been a lot of sediment (almost looked like small rocks) in the filter... I spent time time cleaning what I could reach, including shaking...
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    Metal washer on Samsung spider

    I received a new spider for my Samsung front-load washer. Like the original, it comes with an O-ring on the shaft, perhaps to cushion vibration where it rests against the inner bearing. The original also had a thin, razor-sharp steel tapered washer riding on the O-ring, sandwiched between the...
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    Samsung front loader spider and shaft seal: How far to push in new shaft seal

    I disassembled my Samsung washer because it was banging really badly during spin. The spider wasn't broken, but it was pretty nasty. I replaced the spider and also chose to replace the bearings and shaft seal. The bearings went in fine with dry ice. The seal is a bit of a mystery to me. The...