spin cycle cuts out

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    WTW5000DW1 Whirlpool tries to spin three times then quits and drains

    Washer tries to spin three times then quits and drains My whirlpool attempts to start spin cycle several times then gives up and drains. Clicking sound when spins are attempted. Video attached. Drive hub? Belt? Thanks all...
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    FIXED Kenmore Washer 110.20222511 Spins Fine Except During Cycle

    I have a client with a washer about 3 years old. He says it does not spin the clothes out properly. Diagnostic cycle shows no issues. Ran manual test gets up to high speed spin no problem. Passes tachometer test. Ran calibration mode, it did sound like the motor struggled to get up to spin but...
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    FIXED MVWX600XW0 spin problems, screeching during agitation

    I recently replaced the gearcase (post link here) and at the same time the clutch (part W10721967) for good measure on my Maytag Bravos XL After a few loads that appeared to be working fine (but maybe not ideal on a diaper load), the latest wash failed with E7E1. Looked underneath and found that...
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    FIXED EFLS617STT0 Electrolux Washer E59 Error

    Problem: Electrolux Washer EFLS617STT, purchased it in 2018 new. Indicates it has an E59, removed the back panel and noticed that the plastic pins where not connected to the back shock absorbers. So, I placed the pins back. Still had the same error code. Then I replaced the Machine Motor Control...
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    Maytag MAH6700AWW control board capacitor replacement

    Model: MAH6700AWW Issue: Spin cycle during wash will not spin high speed. However, a manual spin only cycle will spin high speed. (Symptoms may vary. This was my experience) Problem: Capacitors on the control board have weakened and are starting to fail Resolution: Replace control board...
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    FIXED WTW5000DW1 Whirlpool Washer - when begins to spin, it can't

    This unit is about year and a half old. Every cycle seems to work except for when it goes into spin. I can hear it starting to turn but then it just makes a sound like it's spinning out. It tries a couple times and then gives up. I hope my description of "sounds like it's spinning out" makes...
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    WFW8300SW04 Whirlpool Washer stops working WHILE spinning

    Hi, my washer works normally until it reaches the spin cycle. It starts spinning at a rapid speed and shaking, then stops suddenly. There is still time left on the timer, but it either pauses and forces you to press start to continue, or completely shuts off on its own. It gets some of the water...
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    Maytag A7500 stops spin cycle after 10 seconds. HELP!

    Hello all: I live in Spain, and my trusty Maytag A7500 top loader stops the spin cycle after about 10 seconds. I'm not ready to give up on the old gal, because she's been my faithful Maytag for 23 years! A few weeks ago she wouldn't spin at all, but the motor was running. So I got a belt...

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