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spin cycle doesn't start

  1. J

    GTW330ASK0WW Lid lock replaced but won't spin

    Lid lock was not working so was replaced. First part was not correct. Obtained original used/tested part and installed. Lid lock does not show fault, but washer will not enter spin cycle or show lid lock led prior to spin attempt. There is "clunking" like motor trying to start spin despite...
  2. P

    Kenmore HE2T Washer 110.47561603 Won't Enter High Spin

    Hello All, I'm hoping y'all can help with an issue I'm just about at my wits end with. I have a Kenmore HE2T 110.47561603 that's about 8-10 years old. This washer is not entering the spin cycle when run on Heavy, Normal or Express with clothes. When run with clothes, it completes the wash &...
  3. L

    FIXED Kenmore Washer 110.25132410 won't drain / spin

    Howdy y'all. I'm at my wits end on this washer. It would get to the point in the cycle where it should drain and would sit on sensing without doing anything. Spent one day doing all of the following: • Replaced lid switch • Replaced drain pump • Replaced drive belt • Replaced suspension rods...
  4. J

    WF45K Samsung Washer spins perfectly in diagnostic mode, but not when running washing cycle

    Hi - I have a Samsung WF45K front loading washing machine. The machine won't spin after the wash cycle when I run it. It usually stays stuck at 6 or 9 minutes, keeps rinsing, but just never launches the spin cycle. Eventually, it will give me the Ub (unbalanced load) error code. Here is my...
  5. R

    Maytag Washer MVWC555DW1 wont spin entire basket but does spin agitator

    Our MVWC555DW1 will speed the agitator but not the basket during the cycle. It seems the basket and agitator start to slowly speed up then the agitator takes off at full speed while the basket slows to a stop. I have replaced to clutch but that didn't fix it so I now suspect the shift actuator...
  6. S

    FIXED 417.44152400 Kenmore front load washer does not final spin correctly.

    When the washer gets to the final spin cycle, it does not spin normal. It rotates left and right the same way it does when it agitates the clothes while it is washing. Very slowly back and forth, but will not spin at high speed. It usually drains ok, but there was one time where the clothes...
  7. P

    110.27831600 Kenmore Washer Spin Cycles Require Manual Human "PUSH" to Commence Spinning

    Kenmore 800 Series has been a true workhorse and still agitates and washes fine---but in the last few weeks, has required me to go in and give the basket the initial "whirl" to get it going, particularly on standard weight and heavier loads. When given the whirl, I hear something engaging...
  8. T

    MVWB300WQ1 Maytag Top Load Washer will not spin

    My washer stopped washing clothes correctly and now appears to not spin. The normal load would stop with a SD F71 error and would not finish. The clothes would be wet and not wrung out from the spin cycle not engaging. Tried a rinse and spin. Water would run several times, drain and it would get...
  9. B

    FIXED Whirlpool Washer WTW5000DW0 not spinning

    Everything else is working fine. I have already changed the suspension and the shift actuator. Error codes still F0E5 and F7E1. Only 6 years old. Video of manual test low spin. Any thoughts?
  10. O

    Amana NTW4516FW1 won’t spin

    My washer won’t spin during cycles or on drain/spin but passes the self diagnostic and even spins during it. The final spin light will be flashing and the lid lock light is on solid red. What parts might I need to replace?
  11. C

    FIXED Maytag A8520 spin action locked up, will not spin, burns belt - most likely diagnosis?

    After minor top disassembly to clean out gunk (mainly under agitator), the washer starting failing: squealing and burning belt. Mechanical operation was just fine before this. (frustrating) I have carefully replaced the following: both belts motor rack "glides" and springs, well lubricated...
  12. P

    FIXED MHWE201YW00 Maytag front loading washer will not spin

    Washer has developed a situation where it finishes with clothes wet on all cycles except forced spin (rinse and spin w/o rinse) when it will spin normally. There is no error code recorded in service history mode and no errors when the diagnostic test is run. (BTW, the diagnostic guide is...
  13. A

    MVWX655DW0 Cycle not switching to rinse

    The washer washes but stops and never advances to the rinse or spin. This problem seems to be intermittent because it does not happen every time. I decided to replace the door latch it worked for a couple days but it eventually the problem started up again.
  14. W

    GTWN4000M Clothes Tangled Around Agitator - Affecting Spin Cycle

    These are all new issues which began occurring a month or so ago. I appreciate any input you have. Thank you for your time. My GE top-load washer (GTWN4000M) recently began tangling clothes around the agitator. When this happens, it also usually doesn't enter the final spin cycle, so all the...
  15. T

    796.41473210 OE error on Kenmore Elite Front loading Washer... will tumble but not spin.

    Kenmore Elite front-loading washer was getting an OE error code. Changed Drain pump motor and verified no blockages. Started washer and same result. Found and performed a diagnostic test mode procedure, and found all diagnostic tests good except for the "low speed spin" and "high speed spin"...
  16. B

    FIXED MVWX500XW Not spinning, Basket speed sensor?

    Initial symptoms were that the washer, in the middle of a normal cycle, would stop for ~ 10 min (when it should be transitioning between 2 different activities in the cycle), after which the lid would unlock and then resume. If I pushed pause after lid unlocked, it would lock and resume. Which...
  17. M

    Kenmore 80 washer won't spin

    Hello, Thank you for the opportunity to share my situation. I have a an older Kenmore 80 series belt driven (figure 1) washer, which I inherited with my home. Based on the serial number, I believe this to be produced in the 39th week of 1977 by Whirlpool. My initial problem was that at the...
  18. D

    Samsung Not Draining Unless Drained From the small drain hose in the front right lower corner

    My Samsung washing machine (Model# WF218ANW/XAA) will not spin or drain unless I manually drain it using the pump located in the right lower corner of the front of the machine. It stops at every drain cycle. This is really wearing on me! I have replaced the drain pump, checked hoses for...

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