spin cycle noise

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    FIXED Kenmore Series 500 (110.25132410) Spin Issue

    Hello and thank you in advanced for any help in troubleshooting this situation. Our Kenmore Series 500 (Mod 110.25132410) is acting up. We have had this for almost 8 years. We first noticed clothes were soaking wet recently so I began doing some diagnostic checking. We originally had an F7E1...
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    FIXED Samsung Washer WF42H5600AW New Bearings & Shocks but Washer Still Makes Racket During Spin Cycle

    Samsung WF42H5600AW/A2 mfd: April 2014 Issue: Despite new bearings and shocks, washer continues to make a loud noise during spin cycle. For months, our washer makes an awful racket during the spin cycle and had a small leak. I disassembled the washer and discovered that half of the lower...
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