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    Maytag MHWE251YL00 - balanced with new springs and shocks but still shaky

    Hi, first and foremost i've been helped here before. - thanks Jake last time i had to replace the motor which had the mcu attached and replaced the wire feeding it to be sure i had the same E1 F6 issue after 2 years and fixed by a connector few weeks back. i taped the old connector inside...
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    FIXED Kenmore Series 500 (110.25132410) Spin Issue

    Hello and thank you in advanced for any help in troubleshooting this situation. Our Kenmore Series 500 (Mod 110.25132410) is acting up. We have had this for almost 8 years. We first noticed clothes were soaking wet recently so I began doing some diagnostic checking. We originally had an F7E1...
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    WTW5000DW1 Whirlpool tries to spin three times then quits and drains

    Washer tries to spin three times then quits and drains My whirlpool attempts to start spin cycle several times then gives up and drains. Clicking sound when spins are attempted. Video attached. Drive hub? Belt? Thanks all...
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    WTW5000DW1 Whirlpool Washer makes a whine when trying to spin

    Drain works fine. It doesn’t spin, and when it tries it makes this loud whining noise. I attached a video. Please help.
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    Maytag Washer MHWE450WW01 sounds like jet engine taking off during spin cycle

    Maytag MHWE450WW01 sounds like jet engine taking off during spin cycle. I'm sure it's a bearing but not sure which part to order. Any videos on repair would be helpful too! Thank you!
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    WTW5000DW3 Whirlpool washer , works but grinding noise only during Spin Cycle

    Good Evening, New to the forum, i am having an issue with my whirlpool washer and its only just coming on to 2 years. I have a grinding noise that occurs only during spin cycle. I have checked out the other post on the same model by Paul F, however my noise seems to be coming from under the...
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    110.20802990 Kenmore 80 Series - Grinding Noise

    Hi all, My 80 Series washer recently started making noise during the agitation and the spin cycle. I'm pretty mechanically inclined, but I'm absolutely new to the appliance space, so I apologize if I use the incorrect terms for something, because I probably will... During the agitation cycle...
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    WF45K Samsung Washer spins perfectly in diagnostic mode, but not when running washing cycle

    Hi - I have a Samsung WF45K front loading washing machine. The machine won't spin after the wash cycle when I run it. It usually stays stuck at 6 or 9 minutes, keeps rinsing, but just never launches the spin cycle. Eventually, it will give me the Ub (unbalanced load) error code. Here is my...
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    FIXED WBVH6240 GE front load washer - heavy load slow spin wet towels help requested.

    Hello group, I've asked for some help in the past and you were able to help me out so hoping for more good luck! My girl has a condo in Los Angeles she doesn't live there full time as she is a professor at an ivy league school. I'm one of those pesky guys who tries to fix things vs. throwing...
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    FIXED WFW8300SW05 Whirlpool Washer Squeak and Clanging noise when spinning

    Hi all, as stated I have whirlpool WFW8300SW05. Stopped spinning one day. I take it apart, belt is broken at bottom of machine, easy fix. Wait 3 days for new belt. I watched a video on how to replace it and I see everyone is spinning the drive wheel easily by hand to get the belt on and I have...
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    MHW6000AG0 Maytag Washer Shakes, Knocks Loudly Only During Low Spin Cycle RPM

    Our Maytag Maxima XL shakes and knocks loudly only during the spin cycle when going from low to high RPM and high to low RPM. When running at maximum RPM, it runs smoothly. It also will knock when the spin cycle slows to a stop. I have replaced the shocks, but that did not appear to help very...
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    FIXED WTW5840BW0 Whirlpool Cabrio Washer will not spin with motor

    The washer has been loud for a few weeks (sounds like bad bearings) and today it would not complete the spin cycle. I can spin the basket normally by hand, but it will not spin with the motor. I have 3 error codes; F7E1, F7E7, F0E2. From what I have seen online, it looks like I need a new gear...
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    FIXED GE Washer S3700E1WW Occasionally Fails to spin

    I have a GE S3700 that runs normally except that occasionally it will fail to spin. When it fails to spin there is a clear odor from the motor that seems to indicate that it is hot and has been sitting in a locked rotor condition. Today I was fortunate enough to catch the washer when it was in...
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    FIXED Maytag Bravos Washer MVWB880BW0 - Loud Spin Cycle (Bearings?)

    Hello, I have an 8 year old Maytag Bravos washing machine (MVWB880BW0) and it recently starting making a loud noise during the spin cycle. The noise gets louder the faster it spins. Everything else works as it should and the machine still does a good job washing clothes. I've researched this...
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    WF45R6100AW/U Samsung Washer making a banging noise

    Hello! During spin, a loud internal banging sound is heard coming from the right-hand side of the washer when in use. The washer is level and is not vibrating or shaking. Calibration has been set up successfully as well, and yet this banging noise has persisted for months. Please watch a 30sec...
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    Samsung Washer WF42H5000AW - Issues with spin cycle

    Good afternoon, Unfortunately, my Samsung washer is not working anymore. The washing machine is now 2yrs and 2 months old, usually I make 1-2 loads every week. What happened? From one day to another, when I start the washing program the drum is not spinning anymore. Instead, the drum at the...
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    Whirlpool Cabrio WTW5640XW3 Makes very loud humming sound during spin cycle

    I have a Cabrio model that is 7 years old. It has been very reliable up to this point. A couple weeks ago, I noticed that loads would come out sopping wet as if the spin cycle were not working at all. I ran the diagnostic and it showed error code F7E5, which I discovered indicated a shift...
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    MAH5500BWW Maytag Neptune Washer - Infinite Spin Cycle

    Alright so, I recently replaced a part, it was the thermister for this washer because it was getting water in the machine after the cycles were over leaving the clothing wet, Well... that worked, the replacement is great but now, the machine is just spinning forever in a cycle. Even in the...
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    Maytag Neptune MLG2000AWW Washer can't balance larger loads in spin cycle

    I have a 15 yr old Maytag Neptune stackable unit that until recently has been bulletproof. Last month it started to stop mid cycle so replaced wax motor and control panel. That seems to fix everything. Now this week it is having a hard time balancing the load in the spin cycle. I took the...
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    GE Washer/Dryer Combo GUD27GSSJ0WW Spin Cycle Problems!

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this site but I need some help. I recently purchased the washer/dryer combo (model in the title) from a friend. They mentioned that the spin cycle works but it does not seem to be "recognized". The problem is has is that it fills, washes, rinses perfectly...
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