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    Maytag Neptune MLG2000AWW Washer can't balance larger loads in spin cycle

    I have a 15 yr old Maytag Neptune stackable unit that until recently has been bulletproof. Last month it started to stop mid cycle so replaced wax motor and control panel. That seems to fix everything. Now this week it is having a hard time balancing the load in the spin cycle. I took the...
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    GE Washer/Dryer Combo GUD27GSSJ0WW Spin Cycle Problems!

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this site but I need some help. I recently purchased the washer/dryer combo (model in the title) from a friend. They mentioned that the spin cycle works but it does not seem to be "recognized". The problem is has is that it fills, washes, rinses perfectly...
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    Kenmore 80 series basket not spinning - bad basket drive?

    Hello, First of all, thank you for having such a wonderful forum. This is the best source of information I have found so far in trying to triage my washing machine. Problem: Washing machine basket does not spin - Kenmore 80 series. The agitators work fine,but the basket does not. During spin...
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    Kenmore 110.20022013 EXTREMELY off balance during spin

    My Kenmore washer is shaking VIOLENTLY on spin. I'm talking it sounds like someone is breaking down our back wall. LOUD and VIOLENT! I replaced the suspension rods and it worked fine for about a week and is now doing the same thing. Google searches mentions a clutch (no clutch listed for this...
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    WSLS1100H0WW GE Spacemaker washer won't spin

    Hi All, hope you can help. Recently our GE Spacemaker washer (model WSLS1100H0WW), stopped working on the spin cycle. Seems like the machine is in good shape for 9+ years of service. Everything else works. Agitate, drain etc. but the clothes are still soaking wet at the end because it can't...
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    110.72872101 Kenmore 80 Washer topload, no longer spins

    Good afternoon everyone, I was wondering if I could have some tech support on my washing machine. It has been acting up recently and it's becoming frustrating. The machine has issues spinning and agitating. I'd load it full of clothes and select the cycle, pull out the knob and it wouldn't do...
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    MVWC555DW0 Agitator/Impeller spins during final spin cycle

    Having a problem I can't fully figure out with my clothing washer. It cycles through all the wash cycles fine. When final spin hits, it starts off by spinning the outer basket, then switches to spinning the impeller for the high speed run. Then it allows the basket to coast to a stop. Then it...
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    WCVH4800K2WW Front Washer stuck in spin cycle

    Water seems to drain out fine (bin not full of water), but the machine will not go into the final fast spin cycle. Tried removing clothes and did the Drain and Spin cycle. Bin spins to the left and right a few rotations, and then just repeats. Timer never goes down. End result is the same when...
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    FWT645RHS0 Frigidaire Front load washer wont final spin

    TIA for anyone who can help with my washer saga, I now know more about washers than I thought I would. The story begins with my wife telling me the washer made a loud noise and the clothes were soaked at the end of the cycle. The door gasket looked twisted or out of position so as a DIY guy...
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    LSB6500PW0 Whirlpool Washer won't spin; makes loud noise; agitator OK

    Hello Everyone This site has helped a lot thus far, but I ran into a problem with my washer and can't seem to find a solution. Washer started making slight noise a few days ago, and slowly it completely stopped spinning and now making very loud noise during spin cycle (I know I should have...
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    FIXED Bravos MVWB750WQ0 does not spin except in manual mode with error code F72

    After about 8 years my Bravos started making a loud noise while spinning like an airplane taking off. To fix this I repaired the tub seal and bearing. After the repair I am getting an F72 error. I went through all of the manual tests and it fills, drains, spins, etc fine when testing in...
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    MVWB300WQ1 Spins only when placing in spin cycle manually

    The only time the washer machine (Maytag Bravo) spins is when the spin cycle is manually selected. When manually selecting the drain/spin cycle it spins as it should. Any other time running the wash, it does not spin and the clothes are soaked. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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    FIXED GCWP1800D1WW GE Washer control will rotate fine, but halts at final spin

    Strangest thing, the washer control will rotate fine as it goes through the cycle, but halts on the final spin and won't advance through, any one have a fix?
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    GHW9460PL0 Whirlpool Duet Front Loader Noise during spin cycle, with knocking and shaking

    Over the last six months, my front load washer has progressively become more noisy and shaky during the spin cycle, especially at the high rpms. there is even a knocking noise. It seems to spin relatively smoothly by hand. I removed the top panel and front panel to help with diagnosis. The...
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    Kenmore 417.43142300 trap missing?

    Hi, we seem to have an issue with our front loader. In the spin cycle, it spins pretty fast, but not really hauling the mail like we think it used to. All cycles work fine except this one. It does seem to have trouble balancing the load for a good spin. The worst is the other day when we were...
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    GE WSM2420TBAWW repair - Wash won't spin

    GE WSM2420TBAWW washer dryer combo. Wash won't spin. Seems like there isn't a "pulley type belt". I took of photo of this one part that looks like a belt type thing is messed up or in the wrong spot: Could this be the issue? There is no lid switch as it normally spins when open so it wouldn't...
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    WTW4800XQ4 Whirlpool making noises during spin - tub creaks if rotated manually

    Hi all, purchased this washer new from Sears in September 2013, recently during the spin cycles it makes a really loud squeaking sort of noise and then as the drum comes to a slow stop it makes a creaking noise. it only happens during the spin cycles. during the wash cycles the agitator is nice...
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    LSQ9110LW0 Whirlpool ultimate care ii spin/agitator issues

    So I've got a couple issues I'm dealing with on an old washing machine. Model number LSQ9110LW0. Machine was leaking and leaving water in the bottom of the drum after cycles. I replaced out the water pump that stop the leaking problem but the machine still wasn't spinning properly. I replace the...
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    Noisy during spin cycle - Frigidaire Stackable FGX831CS0

    Hello. During the spin cycle of this top-load stackable unit there is tremendous noise. I have read a few replacement parts sites that suggest it may a bearing, or a support. I am a limited DIY person (toilet, microwave light sockets, etc). That being said, I most likely will not do the repair...
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    Whirlpool Front Loader Making Loud Noises, Internal Shaking

    Just bought a used Whirlpool Duet W/D. Suddenly Washer is shaking like crazy (internal) on the spin cycle and making LOUD banging sound. Help and thanks!

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