spin issues

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    LAT8426ABE Maytag Washer won't spin

    Hello everyone! I am looking into repairing my old dependable washer, if I can. I'm not quite sure which part I need to change though. I am praying it's not the transmission, since that would mean a new washer altogether... I will try to give as much information as possible. The washer is...
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    MAH6700AWW scraping during spin

    My MAH6700AWW, which was made at a Samsung plant, had the bearings go. So I replaced the front loader's bearings and seal, something I have done on other Maytag machines several times before. I noted that in this washer there was heavy mineral buildup on the outside of the basket. I examined...
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    Whirlpool Stops after Rinse cycle

    Hi, My washer seem to stop sometimes after going through the rinse cycle. I noticed that it was trying to drain the last bit of the water out of the pump tube, but it wasn't able so it shuts down as I it tries to go into the next phase (The tube is not higher than the washer). I can take the...
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    FIXED Amana washer ALW480DAW - leaking during wash cycle

    Hello, I have the above described washer, a few weeks ago it started leaking lots of water. I opened the front area and found out that during the wash cycle the tub spins instead of agitate. This makes the water flow right out of the top. I have no clue why it's happening. Thank you for all your...
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    Kenmore 80 washer won't spin

    Hello, Thank you for the opportunity to share my situation. I have a an older Kenmore 80 series belt driven (figure 1) washer, which I inherited with my home. Based on the serial number, I believe this to be produced in the 39th week of 1977 by Whirlpool. My initial problem was that at the...