spin speed

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    GE Profile WPRE6100G0WT has very slow spin speed AND broken mode shifter coil

    The problem: My GE Profile washer ends with my clothes soaking wet. I bypassed the lid switch with a magnet and saw that the spin cycle runs but is... weird. It starts off relatively quickly (but nowhere near the normal fast spin speed since it's only roughly 200 RPM), then after a minute or so...
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    Kenmore Elite H3T will only spin at 'low' speed

    Just picked up a Kenmore elite h3t front loader (110.49962602) that had an F21 code, cleaned the drain and now it seems to run fine - but only spins at low speed even when set to med or high. The tub seems to wobble quite a bit when spinning with cloths in it at low speed. Empty it does not...
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