1. J

    110.4767292 Kenmore 70 Series Washer - clank/grinding noise on spin

    Hello! I have a Kennmore 70 series model 110.4767292 top load washer that is making a clanking/hammering and grinding sound on spin. It works fine on agitate. The grinding-type sound has been going on for a little bit but everything was still working fine so I left it. Now the hammering started...
  2. Y

    Kenmore Elite Front Load Washer (796.40318900) - very loud (jet engine) spin cycle

    My washing machine has treated our family of 7 very well over the past 10 years. However, over the past few weeks the spin cycle has gotten so loud it sound like a jet engine. It seems like it's spinning fine and drying clothe as well as it ever has. We've noticed no burning smell or any...
  3. A

    GE GUD27ESSJ0WW Stackable Washer not agitating or spinning

    I have a GE GUD27ESSJ0WW stackable washer/dryer that I have owned since new. It was installed in 2016. It worked fine until today. It seems to fill and drain correctly but not agitate or spin regardless of the mode I set it to. You can hear the motor running when it is supposed to be agitating...
  4. B

    FIXED Whirlpool Washer WTW5000DW0 not spinning

    Everything else is working fine. I have already changed the suspension and the shift actuator. Error codes still F0E5 and F7E1. Only 6 years old. Video of manual test low spin. Any thoughts?
  5. X

    110.24832200 Kenmore Washer Ringing noise during hi-speed spin after replacing many other parts

    Our Model 110.24832200 Series 80 washer was not spinning fast enough (or at all for heavy loads) to get rid of all the water. Researched here, went through several tests and such as instructed in previous posts and purchased the necessary parts. This weekend I replaced the following parts...
  6. T

    Kenmore 80 series basket not spinning - bad basket drive?

    Hello, First of all, thank you for having such a wonderful forum. This is the best source of information I have found so far in trying to triage my washing machine. Problem: Washing machine basket does not spin - Kenmore 80 series. The agitators work fine,but the basket does not. During spin...
  7. jaybake32

    FIXED Kenmore 110.26712690 top load washer drum spins

    Hello I am having a few issues with my Kenmore 110.26712690 top loader and hoped someone could provide guidance. It had been banging violently, and I discovered the "skate plate" was out of rotation so I corrected that, and now it has much improved. It still wobbles some in the spin cycle, but...
  8. M

    Samsung top load washer - WA48J7700AW/A2 Doesn't spin during wash cycle - spins during rinse and spin cycle

    My washer just stopped spinning in the wash cycle. It seems like it's agitating though as there is a slight movement counterclockwise and then clockwise, but very little. It's not making an odd sound, just quiet during that cycle. Everything else runs normally and no error codes. Any ideas...
  9. J

    GE WLSR2200 Agitates, Has trouble spinning

    Hello, I've used the forum in the past to help with some issues I was having with our GE WLSR2200 but I am about a week away from getting a new horrible HE machine if I can't figure this out. The washer is agitating properly, draining properly but spinning with a medium to large load...
  10. J

    MAV6257AWW Maytag Atlantis Washer not dispensing

    I have read some threads but am still unsure if I can correct the issue. My son has a Maytag Atlantis. When you try to put it on spin cycle, it will not spin and smells like something is burning. The belt is fine, so I pulled the pulley off of the drum along with the plastic parts/washers...
  11. D

    WPRE6150K2WT GE Washer won’t agitate or spin

    Hello my name is Eric, My washer won’t agitate or spin, It will fill and drain and the timer seems to be working fine. I took the front panel off, tested the magnetic lid switch and it seems to be functioning properly. The LED light is showing a 6 flash error code. I did the motor reset...
  12. D

    CAV2004AWW Magic Chef Washer Rockin' and Rollin'

    Hello All, Need some suggestions please. Washing machine shakes terribly on spin. Even when empty tub. Have leveled in many ways. Replaced suspension springs. 12002773 Washing Machine Suspension Springs Set of 6 No joy. Replaced snubber ring which was really worn. 21002026 Washing Machine...
  13. W

    Maytag Neptune FAV6800AWW - Spin aborts, won't drain.

    So this was sitting in my garage. Used to be my nephew's. He says it quit on him and the appliance guy said it would be a $250 main control board replacement to fix, so he left it there. He mentioned no other problems. I found a cheap board on eBay, installed it and now any cycle quits at...
  14. P

    MVWX500XW0 Washer Won't Start troubleshooting has been done

    I have an issue with our washer(obviously). The auto self test completes without issue. I ran lid lock tests, agitate(low and high) in manual mode, spin tests (low has completed once but reverted to flashing lid lock every other time after a couple seconds, and high always flashes after the...
  15. B

    FIXED SAWS800JQ2 Whirlpool/Kirkland Washer doesn't drain

    I have a very old top load washer, and after it washes, I hear a click and it stops between the wash and rinse cycle. It stops in the middle between wash and rinse - which I am assuming is drain. The washer fails to drain water and completely stops. I tried to unplug and plug back in, try...
  16. J

    WFW8300SW04 Whirlpool Washer stops working WHILE spinning

    Hi, my washer works normally until it reaches the spin cycle. It starts spinning at a rapid speed and shaking, then stops suddenly. There is still time left on the timer, but it either pauses and forces you to press start to continue, or completely shuts off on its own. It gets some of the water...
  17. J

    MVWB300WQ1 Spins only when placing in spin cycle manually

    The only time the washer machine (Maytag Bravo) spins is when the spin cycle is manually selected. When manually selecting the drain/spin cycle it spins as it should. Any other time running the wash, it does not spin and the clothes are soaked. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  18. K

    FIXED GE GTWN4950L0WS Top Load Washer won't agitate or spin.

    I have a GE washer, model GTWN4950L0WS that has stopped agitating and spinning. The washer fills fine but when it gets to the wash cycle it just sits there silently and does nothing. No sounds or hint of it attempting to do anything. After awhile it progresses to the next step and drains. When...
  19. A

    MVWC400XW2 Will the washer spin or agitate if the door will not lock?

    Have a Maytag Centennial CW that will not spin or agitate, noticed that the door lock is not engaging. This is a chicken and egg question, will the door lock prevent the agitate and spin cycles? or would the speed shifter prevent the door from locking? What to replace first or would one...
  20. H

    Whirlpool WTW4800XQ0 won't spin, lid won't unlock

    Greetings to all. This is my first post; thanks for taking the time to read it! We are dealing with a Whirlpool WTW4800X which is exhibiting the following problems: 1) fails to spin/drain and 2) the Lid Locked light flashes after attempting to spin, requiring us to wait about 5 minutes before...