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    Maytag Neptune FAV6800AWW - Spin aborts, won't drain.

    So this was sitting in my garage. Used to be my nephew's. He says it quit on him and the appliance guy said it would be a $250 main control board replacement to fix, so he left it there. He mentioned no other problems. I found a cheap board on eBay, installed it and now any cycle quits at...
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    MVWX500XW0 Washer Won't Start troubleshooting has been done

    I have an issue with our washer(obviously). The auto self test completes without issue. I ran lid lock tests, agitate(low and high) in manual mode, spin tests (low has completed once but reverted to flashing lid lock every other time after a couple seconds, and high always flashes after the...
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    FIXED SAWS800JQ2 Whirlpool/Kirkland Washer doesn't drain

    I have a very old top load washer, and after it washes, I hear a click and it stops between the wash and rinse cycle. It stops in the middle between wash and rinse - which I am assuming is drain. The washer fails to drain water and completely stops. I tried to unplug and plug back in, try...
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    WFW8300SW04 Whirlpool Washer stops working WHILE spinning

    Hi, my washer works normally until it reaches the spin cycle. It starts spinning at a rapid speed and shaking, then stops suddenly. There is still time left on the timer, but it either pauses and forces you to press start to continue, or completely shuts off on its own. It gets some of the water...
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    MVWB300WQ1 Spins only when placing in spin cycle manually

    The only time the washer machine (Maytag Bravo) spins is when the spin cycle is manually selected. When manually selecting the drain/spin cycle it spins as it should. Any other time running the wash, it does not spin and the clothes are soaked. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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    FIXED GE GTWN4950L0WS Top Load Washer won't agitate or spin.

    I have a GE washer, model GTWN4950L0WS that has stopped agitating and spinning. The washer fills fine but when it gets to the wash cycle it just sits there silently and does nothing. No sounds or hint of it attempting to do anything. After awhile it progresses to the next step and drains. When...
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    MVWC400XW2 Will the washer spin or agitate if the door will not lock?

    Have a Maytag Centennial CW that will not spin or agitate, noticed that the door lock is not engaging. This is a chicken and egg question, will the door lock prevent the agitate and spin cycles? or would the speed shifter prevent the door from locking? What to replace first or would one...
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    Whirlpool WTW4800XQ0 won't spin, lid won't unlock

    Greetings to all. This is my first post; thanks for taking the time to read it! We are dealing with a Whirlpool WTW4800X which is exhibiting the following problems: 1) fails to spin/drain and 2) the Lid Locked light flashes after attempting to spin, requiring us to wait about 5 minutes before...
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    Whirlpool washer won't spin

    Hi have a Whirlpool Ultimate Care II washer, model# GSW9800PW2, that is showing no-spin symptoms. Everything else seems to work-- it agitates, drains, etc-- but when it gets to both spin cycles or near them, it won't spin unless I "help" it out. By helping it out, I mean I open the lid and...
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    Whirlpool Washer Jerk/Wobble at Spin Full Speed Only

    Hi All.. This washer is level, and works apart from a fairly pronounced periodic wobble that happens only once the basket reaches full speed, shown in this video (wobble starts about 15 seconds in): Whirlpool Washer Spin Wobble - YouTube Washer has a brand new inner tub/balance ring/drive...
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    Frigidaire GLWS1439FS0 only agitate to one direction

    I have this old but good washer Frigidaire GLWS1439FS0. This is happening: Water fill cicle: It fills water correctly. Agitate cycle: It doesn't do the push forth - push back agitation, it pushes to one direction (clockwise) only so after some pushes in the same direction the inner tub starts to...
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    Sounds like metal or rocks on fast spin

    We have had our 24" front-loading Maytag for about 10 years. I think the model came out around 2004 (manual has this date copy-writed). It has worked well, with only one problem, about a year ago (a board went out, repaired by a service tech). Recently it started to make this terrible...
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    Kenmore 80 washer won't spin

    Hello, Thank you for the opportunity to share my situation. I have a an older Kenmore 80 series belt driven (figure 1) washer, which I inherited with my home. Based on the serial number, I believe this to be produced in the 39th week of 1977 by Whirlpool. My initial problem was that at the...
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    FIXED Kenmore Series 70 - drum is tilting to the back left.

    Good morning Jake, Our Series 70 washer has been "walking" our laundry room floor for years but recently it is being accompanied with loud banging. I opened the lid with no load and noticed that the drum leans to the back left corner of the washer. When I bypass the lid latch with a screwdriver...
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    Samsung WA5471ABW/XAA Resets Count wont spin

    Hello, I had a leak in my water inlet valve and just replaced it last week. After 15 or so successful washes I started to have a new issue. After the washer progresses to around 12 min remaining the spin cycle starts and then stops, the counter resets to around 21min and repeats the rinse cycle...
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    Maytag Legacy Washer not draining

    Hate my washer and dryer. I am suffering through since I bought them but I still hate them. They are noisy and can't ever seem to have a balanced load. I should have returned them when I bought them. So, washer will not spin. Agitates and drains. I went through the silly troubleshooting the...
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    FIXED WBVH6240FWW GE Front Load Washer not agitating or tumbling

    Hello. My GE front load WBVH6240FWW does not "wash" the clothes. It fills, drains, the door seems to latch properly, the timer works fine and it spins SOMETIMES not always, but it doesn't agitate or "tumble" the clothes during the wash cycle. It gives a slight spin or two at the beginning of...
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    FIXED LSB6300LW3 Whirlpool drains but intermittently doesn't spin. Safety lock issue?

    Everything works on my 11-year-old washer except it intermittently does not spin, this can happen during any part of any cycle that involves spinning. The water drains, and I can hear a thrumming noise (perhaps it's the pump or perhaps the motor trying to spin). Opening the lid, I see the drum...
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    Broken Whirlpool Cabrio Washer(F51 error)

    Hello all, sorry if I'm intruding or anything, I didn't know if this forum had a introduction section or not. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio (M# WTW6500WW1) that had the F51 error. I had tried the manual spin to see if the RPS's worked, and at first they did. All 3 lights lit up as I spun the tub...
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    Kenmore "3E" error code - washer will not spin

    My front load washer just threw a "3E - High current detected" error code and now the unit will not spin and now has a nice burning smell coming from the back. I tried unplugging the unit for a couple minutes and starting just a spin/drain cycle. The tub tries to spin, but won't actually...
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