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    Whirlpool Duet Washer- extremely rough banging when spinning

    Whirlpool Duet is getting VERY loud when it spins. It washes OK, and goes through all the cycles without errors. Only problem is when it spins, it bangs around a LOT. Gets very loud and rumbles the ground. I thought it was off balance, so I leveled it, but it didn't do any good. Any suggestions?
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    FIXED Maytag LR code - does my washer have 10 year warranty on motor

    I have read on various sites that some maytags come with a 1 warranty, but the motor has a 10 year warranty. I have looked on various sites to try and determine if my washer falls into this category, but can not find any link to decipher my serial number. Can someone tell me if my washer has...
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    FIXED Kenmore Laundry Center Tub Doesn't Turn/Spin

    I have a Kenmore (Sears) Laundry Center 417.94712400 - single unit with the washer on the bottom and the dryer on top. The washer tub doesn't turn at all, and therefore the spin cycle doesn't operate. The agitator turns, but not the tub. When working properly, the tub can be turned by hand...
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    FIXED Whirlpool Cabrio not spinning.... sometimes

    Hello A few weeks ago, my Whirlpool washer started functionning not properly. Normal cycle wont do the spin cycle 3/4 times. We we are to do the spin cycle by starting it manually after the Normal Cycle But now, even the Drain and Spin cycle wont spin (most of the times) When it spins, it...
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    FIXED Washer Won't Spin, though it Fills up, Agitates, Drains, Fills Up Again, Agitates Again, and Drains

    I need some help diagnosing the issue with my washer. It goes through its cycle all the way to the point where it would need to spin, meaning that if I start a load of whites it will: Fill up Agitate Drain Fill again for rinse portion Agitates again Drains again .... that's it, no spin Here's...
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    WP Duet- Squeak during fast spin, replaced bearing and struts already

    This issue was posted by another member, but the resolution was not shown. Here is the link they posted for the sound. http://i566.photobucket.com/albums/ss101/slade8200/Washer/spincycle_zps00a9330c.mp4 We hear the exact same sound. It only makes the noise on a high speed spin. I have already...
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    WJSR2080T6WW GE washer will agitate but not spin

    I washed a load of clothes and when the washer was done I noticed the clothes were still very wet. They weren't pressed up against the side of the washer either. There was also a burnt smell in the washer. The next time I washed the clothes the same thing happend. I ran the washer with the...
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    Kennmore Washer will not rinse or spin

    So my washer decided not to rinse or spin any more. It washes fine and comes to the rinse stage and stops. I tried going straight to the rinse or spin, but nothing happens. Seems like the lid switch would need to be replaced. Any guidance on how to proceed.
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    Washer noise

    So my washer sounds like a turbine when it kicks into the spin cycle and also leaks from an unknown location Washer Help! - YouTube
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    Washing maching makes noises during agitation and spin cycles.

    I have a 1.5-2 year old (can't remember exactly) Whirlpool WTW4820XQ0 washer that is making a squeaking noise during the agitation cycle and a loud knocking noise during the spin cycle. Currently the washer still functions properly, but I know something is not quite right with all these...
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    FIXED Maytag Neptune TL not able to finish any cycle, hangs on spin cycle

    I have a Series 11 Maytag Neptune FAV6800AWW that is having a problem finishing any cycle. It seems to stop on the spin cycle. Very similar to FIXED Maytag Neptune, Timer Problem My washer started a normal wash cycle just fine, after about 2 hours I went into the garage expecting to find the...
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    FIXED Whirlpool Duet f11 error code when spin slowing down

    Hi all, I am getting the dreaded f11 error code. The error occurs when the spin slows to an almost stop (6min) mark. The clothes are relatively dry, no standing water and everything seems fine otherwise. I ran diagnostics and they all checked out fine. I took apart the MCU board and still have...
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    My GE will do everything but spin on the first spin cycle.

    My GE washer will fill, agitate, drain and spin (only after the rinse cycle) but it will not spin after the wash cycle. It fills, runs through the wash cycle, drain without spinning, fill again, agitate and will spin at the end only. What could be wrong? And when it does spin, it spins...
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    800 Series washer does not always spin

    Hi; My Kenmore 800 series washer has been leaving the wash very wet recently. Today, I found that it was not spinning at all, although it had drained the water. I tried every cycle but could not get it to spin. Then (with the machine stopped) I gave the tub a slight push clockwise. There was a...
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    FIXED Kenmore 417.44052401 - Error code 43, but replaced control panel with new, still won't spin

    Hello, First time poster, but have tried hard to do my homework and not waste anyone's time. I searched the forums for my model (this search: Appliance Repair Forums) and read all the threads, unfortunately the answer eludes me. Here is the problem, and what I have tried: Problem: Washer...
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    Agitator stiffness prevents spin after clutch/brake replacement

    I replaced the brake/clutch assembly after my WP would not spin or agitate. After the repair it worked great for a few days. Now, it agitates during wash cycle just fine, but during the spin cycle the agitator seems stuck or stiff, and if the clothes are resting on it, the tub will not spin...
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    FIXED 110.92588210 Kenmore Washer No Agitate, No Spin, No Drain

    My 17 year old Kenmore washing machine does not agitate, spin, or drain. The timer seems to be working correctly. I took the cabinet off and ran the washer with the pump removed so I could see if the motor shaft was rotating. It was. But the tub will not spin and the agitator does not move, and...
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    FIXED Hotpoint not spinning but agitates, fills, and drains

    Washer just started doing this. It runs through filling, agitate, then drains but no spin. I can see the motor spinning for the agitate. I can hear a click up in the control panel when the spin cycle should be started but nothing happens. Something odd to me is the dial position to start the...
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    MAH4000AWW Maytag Neptune Washer Won't Spin/drain

    Our Maytag Neptune washer suddenly stopped spinning/draining. Most everything else seems to work well. The drum does turn, but on the spin cycle it doesn't sound like it is turning fast. Clothes are literally saturated with water after the spin cycle. We've tried re-initiating the spin cycle...
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    FIXED WCVH6400J1WW GE Frontload just keeps draining

    Dear Friends, Just acquired this washer from a friend who gave up on it. repair man told her it was the inverter, but i have reason to believe it is not. I ran some tests on it and it will tumble but just wont spin. I hear the drain running like its trying to drain water that isn't in there? So...
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