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    FIXED 110.92588210 Kenmore Washer No Agitate, No Spin, No Drain

    My 17 year old Kenmore washing machine does not agitate, spin, or drain. The timer seems to be working correctly. I took the cabinet off and ran the washer with the pump removed so I could see if the motor shaft was rotating. It was. But the tub will not spin and the agitator does not move, and...
  2. I

    FIXED Hotpoint not spinning but agitates, fills, and drains

    Washer just started doing this. It runs through filling, agitate, then drains but no spin. I can see the motor spinning for the agitate. I can hear a click up in the control panel when the spin cycle should be started but nothing happens. Something odd to me is the dial position to start the...
  3. B

    MAH4000AWW Maytag Neptune Washer Won't Spin/drain

    Our Maytag Neptune washer suddenly stopped spinning/draining. Most everything else seems to work well. The drum does turn, but on the spin cycle it doesn't sound like it is turning fast. Clothes are literally saturated with water after the spin cycle. We've tried re-initiating the spin cycle...
  4. M

    FIXED WCVH6400J1WW GE Frontload just keeps draining

    Dear Friends, Just acquired this washer from a friend who gave up on it. repair man told her it was the inverter, but i have reason to believe it is not. I ran some tests on it and it will tumble but just wont spin. I hear the drain running like its trying to drain water that isn't in there? So...
  5. P

    MVWC300XW0 Maytag washer not working any suggestions?

    Maytag top load washer stopped working! it wont complete cycles unless you pause and then unpause the load. It has been way overfilling the basket almost to the point of overflowing even with very small loads. It also doesnt spin when it is supposed to. It will only spin when placed on the drain...
  6. M

    Kenmore washer will not rinse

    Please help! My Kenmore washer will not rinse or spin but will wash. What seems to be the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. M

    Makes noise between cycles Wont spin all water out.

    Our washer began making a loud noise when switching between cycles.Seems to agitate okay by the time it reaches spin it will start to spin then quit before it reaches full spin speed. Let sit a couple minutes and it will try again usually with same result. Already replaced the Timer, Lid Switch...
  8. C

    Ge Washer Agitates but won't spin

    Replaced the belt, still does not work; lid switch is working. Can't hand turn the drum. All other functions of the machine are working normally, fill, drain, agitate, moving through cycles.
  9. T

    Kenmore - Agitate and Spin Problem

    Situation: Fills with water, and 4 out of 5 times will not go into wash cycle (to agitate). Instead, motor sounds like it is "humming" but there is no agitate action. After a while, there is a hot/burning smell. This will continue through the full cycle... never agitating nor spinning...
  10. B

    FIXED Top Load Kenmore WON'T Agitate, but WILL spin and pump. Motor hums when it should agitate.

    Model number 110.15942401 I've scoured this forum and found issues close to mine, but not exactly. My washer does everything fine (spin, pump, fill, empty) except the agitation cycle. The Sears center told me it was my coupling, however the COUPLING IS FINE. My pump is FINE and not clogged. I...
  11. K

    FIXED Kenmore Washer Agitates But Does Not Spin

    Our Sears Kenmore 110.92588210 washer was purchased new in 1996. A few days ago we noticed the agitator still works but the basket no longer spins - the washed items never spin dry. I saw from other posts on this forum where people described a similar problem, and that a clutch and basket drive...
  12. D

    maytag atlantis spin cycle not woking wont drain

    My Maytag Atlantis washer model mav62000aww will not work on spin cycle or drain water. You do hear a clicking coming from the dial when in spin cycle. It does not matter what mode you are washing on (delicates, white, colors) It does agitate fine and I can see water running through the pump and...
  13. W

    Won't Spin Heavy Loads

    My washer will not spin heavy loads on any cycle. It will only spin two or three items at a time. I'm thinking clutch assembly but I would like to confirm before ordering. Thanks, Lloyd
  14. A

    Frigidaire FTF530S1 makes an extremely load jet sound during spin cycle.

    My FTF530FS1 front load washer is 2 years old and now makes extremely load jet engine type sound during spin cycle. It's so loud during the peak of the spin cycle that you have to cover your ears. The washer was out of level but is corrected. Maybe to late? We really haven't abused it but this...
  15. R

    FIXED Two GE Front Loads WBVH5300K1WW - one won't spin the other won't rinse

    One won't spin- error code E46 fails T06, t07, and t11. I've changed the control unit, checked the filters and cold and hot water valves, and all other tests pass. Other won't rinse - error code E22. T06-9 failed. I checked all filters and valves. After checking the valves all tests...
  16. S

    kenmore 417 wont spin or advance

    OK , I have a sears Kenmore 417 , cant find the actual model number in full on it anywhere and cant find anything that shows me the location of that number. I have replaced the pump before, and I recently (within a year) replaced the drum assembly. Now the thing wont go into spin, timer wont...
  17. D

    GE Profile Washer Does Not Spin with Heavy Load

    Washer fills, agitates, drains, but does not spin when the load is more than a couple t-shirts. The only previous problem was that it was overly loud during the spin cycle. The only thing I've tried is cleaning out the pressure tube, but no dice so far.
  18. R

    frigidaire front loader basket rubbing door seal...Spider arm?

    Last weekend during the final spin cycle my Frigidaire Gallery washing machine sounded like someone threw a brick inside and fired it up. Initial investigation revealed a broken shock...cool, right! Easy fix, problem solved. I threw a new set of shock absorbers on ran a load of laundry...
  19. M

    Maytag MAV7650 - Violent Spin

    I am a new to this blog, so thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide! I have a Maytag MAV7650 that will agitate and spin slowly, but becomes increasingly violent as the spin speed increases. I first noticed a problem when the clothes would come out wet after a wash. I thought it...
  20. G

    Frigidaire no high speed spin

    I read a few posts on this forum and they are helpful. But, I am not sure how to go about diagnosing my problem. I thought that I would try the door latch first, because it seemed consistent with some of the posts and is less expensive than the motor or the speed control board. I just bought...

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