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    FIXED 110.22892101 Kenmore top-load Washer won't spin

    I have a Kennmore Washer and it won't spin. Everything else works fine. I have to manually start the spinning, inspite of that the speed of spinning is not that great I have read the other posts & the sticky's, but wanted to know: 1. part numbers 2. Repair manual (if possible) 3. Sequence of...
  2. M

    Ready to scream!

    Maytag Neptune washer MAH9700AWW has the E3 code & stops right at the spin cycle. We took the back off, cleared the area & all looked fine, but the E3 code continues to come on w/ every wash. Sometimes we can turn it off & back on & just do a spin only or rinse & spin only & it will go through...
  3. R

    Whirlpool washer won't spin out

    NOT THE FIRST PROBLEM WE HAVE HAD WITH THIS WASHER. But, now it will not spin them out. It does spin but clothes are still sopping or still has standing water when done. Also, is not spinning well in rinse cycle as there tends to still be soap suds. We are not able to locate the manual at this...
  4. V

    FIXED Kenmore 417.48106700 washer wont spin

    I have a kenmore 417.48106700. It washes fine and drains fine. Then it wont spin. It goes back and forth a revolution and stops and beeps 3 times. In diagnostics mode it spins fine no shaking. It comes up with a E43, code control board problem. I replaced it and still have the same problem. Any...
  5. N

    LG washer drum does not rotate

    I have an LG WM1832CW front load washer and the drum does not rotate I took off the back and the motor turns just fine going clockwise and counter clockwise but the drum does not rotate with the motor. I thought maybe something was stuck in there so I took off the front and there was a broken...
  6. J

    Kenmore Washer spin problems

    I have a Kenmore Washer that recently started stopping during the spin cycle and not draining the water. I have read the forums and ordered and replaced the lid switch. Since the replacement the washer stops when it wants not just during the spin cycle with no humming or buzzing from the motor...
  7. F

    Washer does everything except SPIN.

    I have a Frigidaire FWT647GHS1, getting to be about 10 years old. The washer fills, drains and runs through a normal cycle but the drum no longer spins. I have opened the top and rear. The belt is in fine condition. The main drum spins freely with no sign of resistance or a bad bearing. The...
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    Repost: Frigidaire front load washer making noise during spin

    We have a Frigidaire front loading washer LTF2140ES1. The other day while the clothes were in the spin cycle, we started to hear a loud pinging/scratching noise coming from the washer. Once the cycle was finished, I looked/felt around the washer tub but did not see or feel anything. Once the...
  9. H

    (wed5530sq0) Drum will not turn

    Drum will not turn / Dryer heat comes on - but button to spin just goes 'click' / checked for lint - clear / there is some black on heat vent inside / took everything apart and researched to find that issue may be that the 'thermal fuse' is blown / so replaced with (3392519 Whirlpool Dryer...
  10. P

    Loud knocking sound when spin

    My frigidaire front load washer machine has a loud knocking sound when spin. Please help.
  11. B

    Purex 3 in one sheets cloged my front loader

    I am posting a warning about a new laundry product that clogged the pump drain in my machine. it was the drop in washer Purex complete 3-in-1 laundry sheets. It sucked right up into the drain and it would not drain and spin. I have a Kenmore front loader. We identified the pump as the...
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    [FIXED] HELP!!! Whirlpool LSN1000KQ

    I have a LSN1000KQ that I ran a load in the other day, load agitated fine and it was a regular load, got through the #6 wash part and just stopped, will not drain, will not spin, will not rinse. I have a very mechanically inclined husband but I am broke and can not afford to pay a repair person...
  13. A

    417 front load No tumble action No spin

    Help,,,, mY MODEL IS 417.42042100 (have had machine since new Many years during which costly repairs from sears included timer, tub gasket, support hooks, controll board and motor) I have read probally every thing here about my washer and see alot of similar problems, but am highly confused...
  14. S

    FIXED Frigidaire FWT449GFS1 Front Loader Won't Drain or Spin

    After working flawlessly for years, my front loader no longer cycles into the drain and spin cycles. The machine fills normally, the drum rotates in both directions during wash, but when it reaches the rinse cycle, there is a humming/buzzing sound that seems to be coming from the door-lock...
  15. Q

    Matag Neptune Stackable washer won’t fill, lock, or spin

    The machine will gently rotate the drum left and right and drain, but that’s about it. I don’t get a high speed spin. The door never locks. And the machine won’t fill. When I quickly rotate the selector dial a very short burst of water comes out. The selector dial dose not automatically...

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