spinning cycle

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    LSR8010PQ0 Whirlpool Washer - New Clutch only lasted 2 months?

    I changed out the clutch on my Whirlpool top load washing achine a couple of months back. Machine was running like new! Then, out of the blue, it would not spin again. I heard the motor activate, but no drum movement. I purchased a new clutch kit and made the replacement again, and all...
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    A8520 After brake assembly replacement problems, spin does not stop normally if lid is opened

    I replaced the brake assembly with a new one because a recommended diagnostic check indicated it was faulty. But then had trouble with it: The assembly became unscrewed, resulting in the entire chain of assembly from brake up though the tubs to become unstable when spinning. I discovered that...
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    Kenmore Washer really LOUD noise during spin cycle

    Please help. Lots of kids and a washer that does not work. I have a Kenmore 2 way tumble action washing machine model number 417.44072300 that when it goes into spin cycle (really fast spinning) it makes a sound so loud you can hear through the whole house. It sounds like a belt hitting the...