spray arms not working

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    KDTM354ESS2 KitchenAid Dishwasher Not cleaning - not circulating water during any cycle

    We have a 3.5 year old Kitchenaid Dishwasher model KDTM354ESS2. First sign was dishes were not coming clean. They weren't even wet. We did a bunch of diagnosis steps Cleaned all the sprayers, no change Opened the base and cleaned filter and insides, no change Cleaned turbidity sensor - it had...
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    FFCD2413US Frigidaire dishwasher spray arm issue

    Hello, My lower spray arm on my Frigidaire FFCD2413US is hitting the heating element ring and making a very metal on metal sound, I did just replace the arm itself. Any thoughts on a fix so it will spin without scrapping the heating ring? Thanks
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    FIXED MDB6709AWB1 not pumping water to spray arms

    MDB6709AWB1 not pumping water to the spray arms. Normal cycle is started and water fills and float stops water level normally. Then during wash cycle, nothing seems to happen. I cannot hear pump even attempt to run. In recent past, I have had to replace water inlet valve, door latch...
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    Inglis spray arms not spinning

    I have an Inglis (whirlpool) dishwasher, model number ISU98662. It has spray arms on the top and bottom. I rarely use the dishwasher however yesterday I noticed that the second load of dishes I did were still dirty. I had done an earlier load which came out fine. I ran the cycle again and...
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    dishwasher does not wash dishes

    the dishwasher goes through the full cycle: receiving water, heating the water, and draining the water. however, the dishes do not get clean because it appears that the spray arms do not deliver the water (i have left cups right side up to see if water gets sprayed, and they are empty at the...