squeaking noise when agitating

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    FIXED Kenmore washer 110.28902790 squealing / screeching during agitation, but only sometimes

    My washing machine is making a screeching noise during agitation but only sometimes. The sound just comes and goes and sometimes I don't hear it for several loads. I searched this forum and found several threads that say they had a squeal sound but it got worse over time and nothing about being...
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    LG Washer WT1101CW sounds like it's about to destroy itself

    Just bought a house that came with a WT1101CW washer that makes a hideous grinding and squealing noise when operating, and in the last few days, it's unable to fully spin the load, and getting a constant unbalance error. It's getting worse, and I can't find anyone that services LG that isn't...
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    FIXED Hotpoint Washer HTW200ASK0WW making a scraping / squeaking noise when agitating

    Hi, had it for an year (bought used) and just started making this noise. Thanks for your help. Corrected model number
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