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    FIXED MAV6300AWW Maytag Atlantis loud squealing noise

    Model is MAV6300AWW. Hearing a loud squealing noise during agitation and spinning. Tried replacing the drain pump but that didn't seem to help. it's pretty much a constant squeal while washing. Does anyone have an ideas of what to check? Thanks.
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    MDE3000AYW Maytag Squeals

    I’m not really sure of the age, I inherited the dryer. It squeals the whole time it’s running, it can be heard throughout the house. My husband can fix anything, as long as he knows where to start. Any suggestions would be great.
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    Maytag MGDC400BW2 Gas Dryer squealing

    My 3 year old Maytag Centennial Gas Dryer is squealing/squeaking- Still heating though- Any idea on what it could be? Can I fix myself? I know Maytag has 10 year limited parts/warranty as well? Thanks
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    Kenmore Elite 665.12773K311 squealing on drain

    I have a 3 year old Kenmore Elite I stopped working. When I start it it has a loud squealing noise It does it then stops and does it. Then gives up. I did pull apart an check in-side. No issues with filters. even with out still makes noise from something under. I did a rinse only cycle...
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    WT4801CW LG Washer has went crazy and I"m heading there myself :/

    My LG Washer WT4801CW has had several issues the past few weeks. The first issue was clear. The washer plate was bad. I replaced it. The washer squeaks horribly and does not seem to agitate like normal. It wants to freeze up and not finish a load sometimes. Once I unplug it for about ten minutes...
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    Desperate to figure out these noises...any help is greatly appreciated!

    Hello, I am desperate to figure out these noises that my Hotpoint fridge began making a few weeks ago. The "grunting" loud noise from the freezer is somewhere in the back and is definitely louder when the freeze door is opened. It will happen 1 to 4 times a day, just depends. Then, the...
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    Whirlpool Duet Steam - Burning Plastic Smell and Squeal

    So I have read several posts regarding burning plastic smell and squealing issues, so I have some ideas about what the problem is but have a slight twist in the situation which makes me unsure about the fixes I read about - the twist is that both symptoms happened at the same time (at least we...
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    Squealing furance - Canadian needs to stay warm for -20F weather on Monday!

    Hi there. I hope someone can help me determine if my furnace motor is starting to die. Our furnace started squealing about a week ago (see 20-second video here). Other than the noise it's running just fine, but I want to deal with this before anything catastrophic happens, especially since it's...