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    GE Spacemaker Laundry (Model WSM2700HWW)

    I have 2 issues occurring with my unit that started at the same time. 1st issue: As I began a second load of laundry, the drum filled with water as usual, I added soap and once it was full added the clothes so as not to overfill or unbalance. But then when I closed the lid, cute washer did not...
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    Sears/Kenmore Stacked Washer & Dryer 417.93872200 Year 2002

    I have an all in one unit - washer/dryer Kenmore Sears stacked unit, gas. The dryer is fine. The washer will run a load and then during the spin cycle not all the water will be removed and the clothes will still be wet. Wet enought that you can ring water out of them. I have replaced the lid...
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    WOC54EC0AS02 Stacked Whirlpool Microwave/Oven Dead

    My 2005 Whirlpool WOC54EC0AS02 died when I was preheating the oven with the microwave running. The circuit breaker tripped as well. After resetting the breaker (which stayed in), the control panel was dark and nothing worked. I pulled the unit from the cabinet and found no voltage on the L1...
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    Stacked units vs. all in one washer dryer

    Advice sought. I have to replace an all in one washer dryer unit in a rental condo. Last time I did it, I bought a used (repaired) all in one unit. It didn't last very many years. Now I understand that stacked units are available. Could I please hear some opinions of which set is better...
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    GUD27ESSMWW GE stacked dryer shutting down mid cycle

    GE Stacked Dryer Spacemaker GUD27ESSMWW. My first thought when I saw it shutting down after 20 minutes or so was a thermal fuse had gone bad. I tested for continuity and all fuses were ok. It doesn't seem to be associated with heat though. I start it on cold, and after starting and restarting...

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