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    WOC54EC0AS02 Stacked Whirlpool Microwave/Oven Dead

    My 2005 Whirlpool WOC54EC0AS02 died when I was preheating the oven with the microwave running. The circuit breaker tripped as well. After resetting the breaker (which stayed in), the control panel was dark and nothing worked. I pulled the unit from the cabinet and found no voltage on the L1...
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    Stacked units vs. all in one washer dryer

    Advice sought. I have to replace an all in one washer dryer unit in a rental condo. Last time I did it, I bought a used (repaired) all in one unit. It didn't last very many years. Now I understand that stacked units are available. Could I please hear some opinions of which set is better...
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    GUD27ESSMWW GE stacked dryer shutting down mid cycle

    GE Stacked Dryer Spacemaker GUD27ESSMWW. My first thought when I saw it shutting down after 20 minutes or so was a thermal fuse had gone bad. I tested for continuity and all fuses were ok. It doesn't seem to be associated with heat though. I start it on cold, and after starting and restarting...
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