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    Maytag Dryer SDE3606AYW - Start button works but won't stay running

    I have a Maytag Electric Dryer, Model SDE3606AYW The Start button (Push To Start / PTS) works fine in any drying mode. But as soon as I release the PTS it won't stay running. Holding the PTS, the dryer operates correctly. I have disassembled the dryer and have found all wiring correct and...
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    FDB1502RGM2 Frigidaire restarts after opening and closing door

    Hi Hoping someone might be able to provide some help. The dishwasher starts normally.. you can hear it filling then.. nothing.. if you open the door and shut it you hear the pump go and the arms turning for a minute or so.. Then it stops and nothing. If you continue to open and shut the door...