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  1. M

    DBVH512EF4WW GE Dryer stops during cycle

    I have an electric GE dryer (DBVH512EF4WW) that stops before the cycle is done. The display remains on, continues to say "drying," and the timer continues to count down. If I press "Start" I hear a click sound, but it won't start. If I leave it alone, it will start on its own after ten minutes...
  2. markbrwn19

    DWXR483EB2WW GE Dryer stops running after few minutes

    I have GE dryer model No. DWXR483EB2WW. When I put a load of clothes into the dryer it would run a few minutes and then stop
  3. R

    Dryer stays on when running in auto settings, stops fine when timed.

    We first thought it was a timer, but the wife now says the "low heat" timed setting advances and shuts off at the end. When in the auto modes, the knob just sits put, and runs for eternity. I saw same issue with other models, but unsure if the cause would be the same part for this one. Thanks...