stopped mid cycle

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    Kenmore Dishwasher 665.17013403 stops mid-cycle but runs fine after pushing start button again

    My Kenmore dishwasher 665.17013403 recently began stopping mid-cycle and leaving excessive water in the bottom of the unit. Dishes look clean but the water looks slightly opaque (maybe rinse water). After opening the door to find the water and then closing the door again, the dishwasher will...
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    FIXED 110.20802990 Kenmore Series 80 Stops Mid-Cycle at Multiple Points

    I'm renting a unit that has an old Kenmore Series 80 Washing Machine. The lease explicitly does not cover the washer, so I'm looking to see if there's a cheaper way to fix it than to buy a new washer. The problem is that the washer repeatedly stops mid-cycle. On permanent press, it will...
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    Whirlpool Dryer LEB6300PW0 Stops Drying Mid Cycle

    My Whirlpool LEB6300PW0 stops drying mid cycle. The dryer heats and turns just fine, however I often come back to the utility room and the dryer cycle has not completed. In order to restart the dryer I just push the Start button. This can happen quickly within 5 minutes after starting the cycle...
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    Dishwasher stopped mid cycle, flashes green lights when I go to start it again. Read Bustyn's post.

    I read Bustyn's post where his dishwasher was having the same problem. I have tried all the solutions Jake explained when he reposted in the forum. Our dishwasher was stopped mid cycle (towards the end of a normal cycle) and was immediately re-shut. When I went to start it again the dishwasher...