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    KSBS25INBL02 Kitchenaid Superba refrigerator condenser fan stops and starts all the time.

    Hello, I have a Kitchenaid Superba refrigerator that although seems to cool fine (Freezer 0F, Fridge 37F) it started developing the following symptom: Randomly and approximately every 30secs - 1min (sometimes even every 5 secs), the condenser fan stops for a few seconds and starts again. We...
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    Roper RTW4516FW1 makes clicking noise then stops

    Hello, this is my 1st post on this forum. I have a Roper RTW4516FW1, Serial C71434784 This machine is basically new, not more than 1 year old (new old stock) (to me, this is brand new...I usually own a wonderful old one) - The machine goes through the fill cycle & agitate cycle (I apologize if...
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    GSS25XSRESS GE WR30X28702 ice maker not harvesting

    Hello everyone, I've got a very strange situation here. The electronic ice maker in my GE side-by-side (GSS25XSRESS) stopped harvesting ice and was always presenting with the blinking LED. So I ordered up a new ice maker since most topics stated that if the water valve was working and power...
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    665.14753N511 Kenmore Elite Ultraclean, sometimes stops mid cycle

    This dishwasher is babied, it is 2 years just out of warranty. We are retired, with no kids left at home. Just my wife and I, so since it was new, it only gets used, once or twice a week. We have always rinsed our dishes until basically they are clean. It started doing this about a month ago...
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    FDB1502RGM2 Frigidaire restarts after opening and closing door

    Hi Hoping someone might be able to provide some help. The dishwasher starts normally.. you can hear it filling then.. nothing.. if you open the door and shut it you hear the pump go and the arms turning for a minute or so.. Then it stops and nothing. If you continue to open and shut the door...
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    FIXED WGD96HEAC2 Whirlpool Duet Gas Dryer Pauses Mid-Cycle

    This problem has gotten worse over the last several months. I will put a load in and run it on "Normal". The dryer will start then after anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes into the cycle, it pauses. Then turns off after about 10 minutes, if I don't catch it in time. About 50% of the time I can...
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    FIXED Refrigerator compressor and condenser fan shut off after two minutes

    Both shut off after two minutes. If I unplug and wait 30 seconds and plug in again, will start up and do the same thing. Heard one clicking noise first time it happened, but nothing since. Electrolux fridge/freezer. Compressor is not hot or making much noise. Pressure is good on high and low...
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    Maytag Epic Z Washing Machine Stops Mid-Cycle

    I have a Maytag Epic Z that's been having a number of intermittent problems. I'd say about 30% of the time it doesn't fully spin dry and the clothes are soaking wet. We need to run the spin cycle again in order to be able to empty it. THe second problem is, very often when the countdown hits...
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    LTF530FS0 Front Loader Stops mid cycle

    hi. i'm having issues with my washer, and hope someone can help me to figure out the problem. it is a frigidaire front loader, it is an older model with no digital components, it is all dials. the problem is that it stops mid cycle. as to where it stops, that seems random. i've never seen the...
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    FIXED Kenmore model # 417.99570140, Washer/Dryer combo

    This Kenmore model # 417.99570140, Washer/Dryer combo came with the house when we bought it 7 years ago. It stops after the first spin cycle. The tub doesn't drain, it doesn't spin, just sits there with an electric burning smell? I installed a new timer and no change. Any help would be...
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    Washing machine stops agitation and leaves clothes in water

    I own a Maytag SAV4655EWW washing machine and lately it will stop agitation and leave clothes in water. We've tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, opening and closing the lid but once the agitation stops it will not restart on it's own. This morning the first two loads washed just fine...
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    Sears Kenmore starts then stops

    See my problem on YouTube here: Need Repair Help - Kenmore Dryer.MOV - YouTube I just replaced the motor, but that wasn't the problem... Kenmore (Frigidaire) - Sears Canada Model - 970-c84102-00 Serial - xd50600852 jason
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    Dryer Motor Replaced_Still stops after about 20 min to cool

    Hello. My Sears/Kenmore 110.66822694 was having problems with large loads. Would not start or would stop part way into cycle. I went ahead and replaced the motor. The dryer now stops after about 20 minutes of drying. Stops regardless of timer position. Won't immediately restart. Must wait 10...