stove wont run

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    CPES3085KF3 Stove does not work but oven works perfectly

    my wife had spilt water on the cooktop; then we got a message next to each element dial PF and then suddently nothing. I had unplugged the stove from the wall and closed the breaker all night; plugged it back in in the morning and the stove worked! But only for 1 minute then same message "PF"...
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    KGSA906PSS00 Stove wont stay lit

    I am looking for a little help troubleshooting my stove. The display had stopped working so i replaced the membrane keypad for the third time since i owned the stove. The oven will not turn on at all, press for heat and the fan comes on but no spark or flame. If i unplug the stove then try...