1. Jeza

    Buying Wall Oven or range/stove CONTROL BOARDS and RELAY BOARDS, NON WORKING or untested !!!!

    Thermador Jenn-Air Whirlpool Dacor Frigidaire Bosch DCS KitchenAid Maytag Viking
  2. Y

    Correct Sensor and Control Board for GE stove model JBP65GV2WH?

    The preheat light is flashing and the broiler turned on instead of baking. Based on other helpful posts here, I understand the sensor or control board are likely the issue. However, when I searched for these parts myself using the GE model number (JBP65GV2WH), multiple different sensors and...
  3. A

    PGP990SEN1SS GE gas cooktop keeps clicking when not in use

    Hi My cooktop keeps clicking even when not in use. I have not cleanes it recently nor did I have a spill so I am not sure which part needs to be replaced.. i have read about igniter switch assembly, spark module and electrodes can cause this issue. So if you can please steer me into correct...
  4. O

    RF110AXSQ0 Whirlpool Electric Range not working at all

    Hi, The range above stopped working all at the same time. The surface elements and the oven do not heat anymore. I can turn the surface elements knobs and it says it’s heating, but no heat on any of the burners. The oven also has no heat and the oven knob just clicks when I turn it on...
  5. D

    LG LUTD4919SN Range - What part child proofs the knobs

    The safety first covers don't work, is there something that I can child proof the knobs on an LG LUTD4919SN?
  6. C

    Kenmore Range 790.94203310 - Keypad Unresponsive

    My oven stopped heating. Both elements at the same time. Checked them both with a multimeter, and both checked out alright. Also checked the temperature sensor, and that checked out ok. I moved onto replacing the control board, and it powers up no problem, but I am unable to set the clock to...
  7. P

    Help finding Whirlpool stove burner control knob?

    Can't get to the model number, so this will be an interesting exercise... I bought a house in Cabo San Lucas, MX and the Whirlpool stove is about 6-10 years old, possible a couple of years older even. One of the burner control knobs is broken and I'm looking for a replacement. It doesn't...
  8. D

    FIXED Frigidaire Gallery PLCF489ACB burner no longer putting out a strong flame

    Hey guys, Firstly I want to thank you guys for the info you've provided in the past. It's a huge help and I feel I owe you something. Let me know how I can support you. Issue 1: This time my stove top is acting up. One of my burners (the biggest and normally most powerful one) is now putting...
  9. I

    ARE35083 Old stove gradually broke down, now nothing works

    Hello, So we have an Admiral stove which is at least 15 years old. It had been working fine but at one point last year, 2 of the burners stopped working. We were fine just using the other ones. Then the other day, I was using the remaining 2 burners at the same time, and everything stopped...
  10. A

    VGSS300-4BDSS Viking Stovetop Ignitor Issue - stumped.

    Background: We bought a house with an older Viking, which my wife loves. One burner (#2) has never ignited, although the gas flows fine and can be lit with a match. Recently the other 3 burners all stopped working at the same time - no spark, but can be lit with a match, which is what we've...
  11. E

    FE-R400SW Samsung Electric Range - LED display problem & flashing oven light

    Hello, I have a Samsung Electric Range (FE-R400SW), about 5 years old. It is in a unoccupied suite and has barely ever been used. The LED control panel is faint/dim and not displaying properly. Also, when I open the oven door, the oven light flashes on and off quickly 5-10 times accompanied by...
  12. J

    Replace 2 0+4 Spark Modules with 1 0+6 Spark Module in 6-Burner Viking?

    I have a 6-burner Viking stove which uses 2 0+4 spark modules (e.g. the PA020047 or Invensys U-67204-7). In other words, two outputs of one of the spark modules are unused. It seems silly, but that's the way it is.... One of the spark modules is now dead or dying. I've replaced spark modules...
  13. 7

    Samsung Electric Range shot flame from back

    Model number reads NE595R0ABSR/AA Background: This is my first post here, but looking for help. Didn't much in a search yet. I've owned this oven for a little over 3 years. My girlfriend and I don't cook every night but cook Pizzas, and make mac n cheese on the stove top. I don't think i've...
  14. R

    Non-destructively adding an oven ignitor and oven light to 1930's era Margic Chef stove/oven?

    Model Number: 1000 Brand: Magic Chef Age: More than 10 years We're in the process of getting a late 1920's era Magic Chef range, of the 1000 series, and I wanted to ask a couple questions. Do both ovens, and broiler, require manually lighting? I'd read that the burners use pilot lights, so...
  15. L

    Bosch HGS5062UC oven not igniting

    Hello Guys, My Bosh oven just gave out. The igniter for the bottom burner lights and gets red hot but gas is not released to light up the burners. The top broiler igniter lights up and the burner tries to light up but it doesn't fully light up. I've included a video of this. ( Bosch...
  16. S

    Need help finding parts for 60s Hotpoint electric stove/oven

    Hello. I'm hoping someone here can help. My wife and I purchased an old turquoise Hotpoint electric stove/oven recently. I'd like to get it working so we can use it (obviously). The oven works but only one burner comes on. The burner that does come on only works on high. I did some resistance...
  17. L

    Vintage/Retro Courtier 500 Solid Fuel Stove - What's it worth?

    I have this retro Courtier 500 wood burner but I can't find any for sale online. Can anybody tell me more about it and what it could be worth? I found it online here but not for sale: Pictures to follow. The only differences are that mine is teal not...
  18. N

    Selling 1946 Kelvinator "Automatic Cook" Electric Range

    I am moving in a couple weeks and can't take it with me. I don't want to leave it behind and risk getting scrapped. It is in perfect working order. It needs a little cleaning, but not too bad. Most everything works that I can tell. The lights above 4 of the dials still work. The one over...
  19. B

    PGB916SEMSS GE Profile Gas Range Probe Sensor Problem

    Greetings, For quite some time now whenever I preheat the oven the probe sensor beeps for several minutes and then quits. I don't believe I have ever actually used the probe. Otherwise the unit works just fine. Obviously I can live with this new feature but suspect that someday the issue(s)...
  20. S

    Kenmore stove showing F10 error

    Ok, it's been an interesting few days. A couple of nights ago, when I turned off the kitchen light to go to bed, I noticed that the element on light for the left front burner was softly glowing red; not totally on and not totally off. The knob was off and the burner was just mildly warm. Hmmm...