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    FGHB2868TF2 Frigidaire Refrigerator upper freezer ice stuck

    My Frigidaire ice maker, located in the upper left section of fridge, is producing ice. But the ice is not solid when dropped in ice bucket and finally freezes and clumps together. This in return does not allow the ice to dispense. I have lowered the fridge temp to close to freezing and has not...
  2. K

    Whirlpool Duet Top Loader won't go out of drain cycle

    I'm getting error E1 F9. I looked it up and tried several suggestions, the first being to turn it off and turn it on again, the second being to unplug it and plug it back in. Neither worked. We disconnected the drain pump and snaked it. We also cleaned out the area where the washer meets the...
  3. E

    Maytag MLE2000AYW Gets "Stuck" at Drain/Spin

    Have a stackable Maytag MLE2000AYW (Serial No. 37856725ZM). Kind of hard to explain exactly what is going on. I downloaded a repair manual and from the troubleshooting section printed a dial diagram and attached it under the control button. The machine gets "stuck" at the drain/spin phase. The...
  4. A

    110.22352511 Kenmore Washer Clothes stuck under agitator

    Honestly unsure of the exact age; it came with the house. Video of washer specs and problem: I've washed bedding in this washer a few times. This is the first time this has happened. A pillow case is stuck under the agitator. I got some parts out, but near the bulkier part of the agitator, it...
  5. N

    Electronic Control Board or Control Panel? Samsung DV328AEW/XAA Electric Dryer ....

    Hello, Trying to determine which component to replace (if any). Dryer's front control panel is "hung". None of the buttons/dials respond. There is power and the display shows that a cycle is selected and a time, and other settings, but pushing buttons or turning cycle knob does nothing. None of...
  6. V

    AEG Dishwasher F89088VI-S POWER BUTTON STUCK

    The power button is stuck. It is jammed into the slot and I cannot remove it. Luckily the dishwasher is on but how can I remove this? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. B

    MVWX655DW1 Problem starting

    Hi, I put my clothes in the washer, soaps close the lid and went up to do my daily tasks... I came downstairs and I found the washer with the sensing light blinking and nothing had happened. Lid is not lock. Nothing I seem to be doing will get it to go. Please Help! This washer is not even 2...
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    NVL333EB6CC Hotpoint Drum won't lift out

    I'm trying to remove the drum to replace a noisy bearing, but after loosening the belt, the drum will not pull out. I've removed the 3 screws in the back of the drum and pulled it out that way, but the plate is still stuck on the bearing. Any thoughts?
  9. H

    FIXED WRS325FDAW02 Whirlpool Filter Cover Snapped Off, Can't Remove Filter

    Last time I went to change my water filter, I was having some difficulty and, in the process, the cover snapped off. It does not appear any parts were actually broken, but I can't seem to figure out how it goes back on. The cover seems to be spring-loaded, such that when it opens, it removes the...
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    FIXED WF419AAU SAMSUNG Washer Drum is stuck AFTER cleaning all hoses and drain motor

    Hi, I have a SAMSUNG WASHER WF419AAU/XAA 01 which is about 6 years old. A few days ago, the washer displayed the "can not drain" error code. The drum was full of water so I could not open the door. I wasn't able to drain enough through the small drain hose and drain pump so I did 2 things that...
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    Frigidaire Stuck In Heating Delay

    I have a Frigidaire FDBR35RBB0 that is getting stuck in the wash cycle, and the heating delay light is coming on. The cycle won't progress unless I move the dial manually. I don't believe it's the element because when I move the cycle to Dry, the washer gets hot. I checked the water temp from...
  12. W

    Stuck on 2-minute drain

    No matter which cycle is selected, when I press Start/Resume (S/R), dishwasher goes into 2-Minute Drain (2-MD). Pressing S/R again turns off 2-MD. Pressing Cancel/Drain (C/D) also starts 2-MD; C/D again turns off 2-MD; and so on with both S/R and C/D act as toggle for 2-MD. I can not start any...
  13. K

    Kenmore Dryer Motor Question

    I have a Kenmore Dryer (Model # 110.66512694), your standard top-located lint screen type. It started squealing about a week or 2 ago and I immediately thought it sounded like bearings going bad. It was a mild, intermittent squeak at first, but then grew in frequency and intensity. The real...
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    Maytag Wide by Side MZD2766GE stuck in place

    Bought this fridge in 2001. Have replaced the evaporator board twice, the last time being 2 1/2 years ago. It's a big refrigerator, and the space was always close, but it slid out fine for last repair. Now, it's in that fire hazard recall. So I arranged a repair appointment. The repairman...

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