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sump seal

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    Bosch SHX65T55UC/02 leaking from sump

    My nearly 9 year old DW is leaking from the seal between the sump and the tub, causing the E15 error code. The leak is only during the last 20 minutes or so of the 2:20 wash cycle. I've watch it several times with the machine pulled out from the cabinets. I'm wondering why it only leaks during...
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    GE dishwasher GDT655SSJ0SS water leaking below sump pump

    Hello, I have GDT655SSJ0SS GE dishwasher. Initially it was not starting. I followed some reset options and started the unit just fine. Somehow the dishwasher spray arm came off and the edges of the arm got burnt and water started leaking from below. I replaced the spray arm with a new one and...
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    FIXED 665.12793K311 Leaking from diverter Kenmore Elite Dishwasher

    I have a leak on a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher model 665.12793K311 which is only about one year old. The problem appears to be at the diverter motor (part#: W10380170) and its seal with the bottom of the sump (part#: W10457989). Internet research so far suggest a problem with the seal being...

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