1. P

    FIXED LFX25975SW LG Refrigerator Water won't stop

    I am posting this in case someone else has the same problem. Getting water from the fridge door was intermittently leaving the valve open, with water going everywhere. In order to get the Ice / Water dispenser off the door to service the issue, I used dinner knives and pried the bottom off...
  2. Ronmyers68

    110.25102310 Kenmore duet 500 washer lidlock

    My washer was starting cycles over and over. I ran the diagnostic and was told it was the lid lock switch. I cannot find one locally. I tried putting my old one back in and it doesn't work at all now. Is there a way to bypass this. Any ideas on a temp fix?
  3. J

    FIXED KSSC48QKS00 KitchenAid Refrigerator Door spring attachment/bracket broke

    There is a part that connects with door and a spring. It opens and closes the door switch. See the picture of the freezer side part and the broken part below. What is this part called? Where do I buy it?
  4. C

    KEMC377KSS05 KitchenAid superba built in "DOOR" error message. Replace Switch?

    Built in KitchenAid Superba microwave combo oven. "Door" error message even when door is closed, micro will not run. This has been an issue in the past, but " jiggling" door would fix it- at leas temporarily. That doesn't work anymore. Is it probably the switch? How hard is it to replace? I...
  5. R

    FIXED RF366PXGW0 Whirlpool Range back right burner slow to heat

    We have an older Whirlpool electric range (Model #RF366PXGW0) where the back right burner is slow to heat. It takes about two to three times as long as the others to come to temp and may also be underheating. After doing some internet learning, I am guessing that replacing the switch may be the...
  6. A

    FIXED Whirlpool oven light switch replacement

    I just wanted to share my successful experience replacing the oven light switch on my 30 year old Whirlpool dual oven. Just after I successfully replaced the analogue clock, the oven light switch failed. I guess I should count my self lucky to have gotten 30 years out of the light switch...
  7. S

    Problem after door forcing

    Hi, My microwave doesn't work anymore: - the display doesn't turn on, - nothing happens when I press the bottons, - the internal light doesn't switch on when I open the door All of this happened after forcing the lock of the hooks of the door (NUMBER 14). I sprang the lock to keep the light...
  8. S

    Jenn Air D156 fan/light switch replacement troubles. Need experienced expert help.

    My Jenn-Air D156 is driving me nuts. It’s a real puzzle. For some years, everything but the down-draft fan/oven light rocker switch that sits in front of the downdraft vent was working fine. This switch is famously now no longer made… by anyone. It is two momentary switches in one, one side for...
  9. A

    FIXED VGSC306-4BSS Replacing Lights Switch on Viking

    Flush with confidence after getting the necessary help from Rick and VikTech to solve my Viking oven igniter problem I feel empowered to tackle the other remaining problem with the Viking range that was in the house I recently bought: a broken "Oven Lights" switch. Existing switch: The switch...
  10. N

    FIXED Door Switch AND fuse question

    My Maytag microwave (mod# MMV4205BAB) does not heat food, but retains all other functionality (light, fan, turn table, display, etc). I performed some basic tests on a lot of components with my multimeter (capacitor, diode, thermostats, transformer, and magnetron) everything looked ok. Then I...
  11. C

    Whirlpool Dryer

    One day when pressing the start button nothing happened. There was no sounds or anything. I have checked the following and they test good on the ohm meter. Thermal fuse Door switch Start Switch Motor Timer All of the wiring is intact and working good. The power supply is good, and the...
  12. C

    Whirlpool Dryer Model #IED4400UQL Parts

    I have the following items for sale for a Whirlpool dryer The parts are off of a Inglis dryer which is made by Whirlpool. Thermal Fuse-Part No. 3392519 Start Switch-Part No. 3977456 Door Switch-Part No. 3406109 I also have a motor that is on the dryer. The dryer went out and I cannot...
  13. P

    Maytag MAV6200AWW: continuously in wash, runs full duration without rinse/etc cycles

    Question for the experts (Jake?) out there. I've been reading through the archives and I suspect it's the timer, but would much appreciate some input as confirmation. Discovered clothes ridden with soap, it appears only the wash phase is running, bypassing rinse/spin/etc cycles. I can...
  14. M

    Insinkerator replacement switch too small

    Hi, Problem The "magnetic switch" on our Insinkerator Pro 17-6 disposal stopped working. Specifically it would not "turn off" even after you turned the drain/plug/opener to the "off" position. Mechanism This mechanism works as follows: insert the drain stopper turn the stopper to the right...
  15. S

    Door Open Microswitch Foo'd

    When the door is opened, the light won't always come on. If the door is opened while cooking, the convection fan will also stay on. Peering into the space between the Oven and Micro, you can see that the micro-switch doesn't properly actuate when the cam on the lever releases it (lots of goo...
  16. J

    Kenmore Washer spin problems

    I have a Kenmore Washer that recently started stopping during the spin cycle and not draining the water. I have read the forums and ordered and replaced the lid switch. Since the replacement the washer stops when it wants not just during the spin cycle with no humming or buzzing from the motor...
  17. T

    Testing the Door Switch

    My washing machine stopped working so I'm trying to fix the problem. I looked at the procedure of items to test in order to remedy the situation, according to the papers in the machine. It says to first test the door latch, however I don't know how to test it. It made sense that if the door...
  18. Z

    Water Dispenser Front Actuator Re-Installation

    I have an Amana Model ASRE664BS side-by-side with front water dispenser. The front button (plastic actuator) to dispense water popped off. I cleaned the area around the water tube and the micro switch on the right, which was sticking. But the actuator is off and it appears I cannot snap the...