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    TGF356CCSD Tappan Range - control panel is not getting power and cant use oven

    I have a 1993 tappan gas oven, the control panel is not getting power to it and therefore we cannot use the oven I have looked into getting the 100$ panel but they don't make them anymore could there be another reason for it not getting power the oven light works and the four top burners work ?
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    1957 Tappan Cooktop & Custom Oven Problems

    Model Number: EOYL-5-1 Brand: Tappan Age: More than 10 years Both cooktop and oven have issues. The oven has problems with the hinges one was never on a roller when I bought my house the other just lost the roller it popped out and I have but this makes it difficult to close the door. The...
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    FIXED: Vintage (1963?) Tappan Oven Not Working - Help Please

    Model Number: EOK 1110 Brand: Tappan Age: More than 10 years Hello: I am new to this forum having just bought a immaculately maintained 1963 ranch with one exception - my beautiful oven doesn't work. I am hoping someone on this forum can give me some tips/ suggestions. I am assuming that the...
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    12-1863-00-03 Oven igniter not working

    Hello, Two days ago, I installed a new oven igniter as the old one was heating orange, but not getting hot enough to kick the gas on. This is the part I installed: 5303935066 Oven Igniter The oven was working perfectly since then. I used the oven today without any problems. This evening...
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    FIXED Old Tappan upright freezer not getting cold enough

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I've looked around the forum and found people with similar problems but I have yet to find a solution so I'm starting a new thread. I apologize if this same problem is on the forum somewhere and I just didn't find it. I just got a Tappan upright freezer (13.7 cubic...
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    What voltage to igniter? Tappan Signature 2000

    I have a Tappan gas range, model KPB 2039-80A, series G107056-020. The circuit board where the 110 comes in shorted out such that there's no juice to the igniters. I haven't been able to find a replacement. Is it possible to wire direct to the igniter wires somehow. There are 3 wires going to...
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    F31 Error on Tappan

    I have a gas range that's less than 2 years old. After a power outage my EOC went black. After a second outage two weeks later, it mysteriously blinked back on. Most of my EOC controls are functional (clock, timer, oven door lock). But when I try to turn on the oven- it starts fine, then after a...