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temperature contol

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    Jenn-Air Temperature Selection issue with JJW9830DDP

    We are unable to set exact temperatures with the knobs without getting lucky. As we turn the knobs it jumps up and down sporadically by 20 to 45 degrees in both directions.. like spinning the wheel of fortune. Have reset power, switched knobs... not sure if it is the control board or what...
  2. 2

    106.44422601 Kenmore Elite chiming noise coming from the temperature control panel

    Hello, Can anyone help me figure out what is causing a chiming noice coming from the temperature control panel in the refrigerator. It appears that something is continuously going on and off. Thank you, Anna
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    LFFU1153DW2 Highest Freezer Temperature is TOO Low. Help Please

    Howdy. I have a Frigidaire Upright freezer model number LFFU1153DW2. Am wanting to store 60 pounds of cryovac beef ribs, and 75 pounds of cryovac beef brisket in it. - Wanting them to age, NOT freeze, so I have been trying to regulate the temperature to be between 33°F to 38°F. - At the highest...
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    LG side by side changing freezer temp. on own

    Today our side by side with dispenser started changing the freezer temperature settings on it's own. There are 5 bars describing warmest to coldest settings and with a ping each time the settings constantly run from warmer to colder and back again, and again... Sometimes the setting stay for 5...
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    Need Help. Fans good, compressor replaced, not cooling enough

    Hi! New to this forum. I tried a search but didn't find my problem. I had the compressor replaced about a year and a half ago, and everything was fine. Now the ice maker stopped making ice, and the freezer and refrigerator are not as cold as they should be (I don't have specific temps) but they...
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    GE Profile fridge giving me fits!

    Hello. I really need some advice on this. I will give all of the details, as this one has me and a repairman stumped. I am actually working on this fridge for a friend who is financially strapped. It is a GE PSS26MGSABB. Here is what happened: The fridge was manufactured around 2005. I...
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    PSS26SGPASS Refrigerator temperature control does not seem to change control of temperature

    I have GE Profile which is less than 10 years old and less than 3 months ago had a repair man come out and replace the motherboard because the freezer would not keep cold and he stated that was the problem. At that time the temperature of the refrigerator did not seem to be a problem. The...

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