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temperature discrepency

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    FIXED Samsung RF28HMEDBSR Main Refrigerator Compartment Rarely Gets Below 40 deg F

    I have been battling this for months, hoping for some ideas-- Symptoms: Fridge temp set to 34 deg, temp display on door reads 34 deg, actual internal temp of main compartment (as read by 2 digital thermometers in various locations) typically between 40 and 48 deg even after doors have not been...
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    LG Range LRE30451ST/02 Oven Overheating Despite new main PCB, Thermistor. Relay board tests OK.

    Help! I have an LG LRE30451ST/02 that has me stumped. The oven is overheating. Set for 350F, actual oven temp will be over 380F and the oven display is telling me it is at 230F. I have the service manual and went through the troubleshooting for this issue. I tested (tested OK) and replaced...
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    FIXED ZIS420NMC 2003 GE Monogram Refrigerator - temperature issues

    Good day, my problem is actual freezer and fridge temps are MUCH different than the display temps and the freezer is getting way too cold before it cycles off and too hot before it cycles back on. Same problem in the fridge section. The freezer section will pull down to -22 F before clicking...
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    Samsung RF265ABBP Freezer Temperature issue

    I'm having an issue with a Samsung RF265ABBP Fridge. The unit was not used for 1 year and was in storage. My other refrigerator broke so got this unit out of storage and trying to use it. The unit has Twin Cooling and 2 evaporator coils. The refrigerator took 1 day to cool and...

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