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    FIXED FGHB2844LF5 Frigidaire -- Fluctuating Freezer Temperature

    My Frigidaire refridgerator has had a number of problems (mostly related to the ice maker) in the two years that we have owned our house, but the freezer temperature has been very stable until recently. Over the past few days, the freezer has been fluctuating in temperature and I’m wondering if...
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    GNE29GSKBSS GE Refrigerator Temperature Fluctuates

    2 year old refrigerator temperature keeps fluctuating. We have it set and locked at 37 degrees but it remains at 44 degrees. Not sure what to do...
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    EI26SS55GS0 Electrolux Fridge Water Line Keeps freezing and I can't adjust temperature

    Model Number: EI26SS55GS0 Manufactured: 12-07 My electrolux fridge with the IQ-Touch UI system appears to keep freezing the water line. I know this because when I unplug overnight the water dispenser will then work the next day, but within 24 hours it is not working again. I also can't not...
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    WFG515S0ES1 Whirlpool oven will not maintain temperature

    Our 14 month old oven heats up to temperature fine, then the burner shuts off (as it should), but it never turns back on to maintain the temperature. If I cancel it and restart it, it turns back on and heats up, but the same problem continues. I checked the temperature sensor, and it reads...
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    FIXED RF367LXSS Range - Change timer countdown to temperature count-up?

    Our house came with a Whirlpool electric range (RF367LXSS) It's an ok range. One detail that bother me, though, is the display when you turn on the oven. On every other range I've had, the display would be the oven temperature going up as it heats. On this Whirlpool, though, the display is a...
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    FGHB2844LF4 Frigidaire Gallery - temperature display about 10 degrees off

    I have a frigidaire gallery french door refrigerator that is displaying the incorrect temperature. I have replaced the fridge side thermistor hoping for an easy fix but it wasn't the issue. After reading some other posts I removed the display circuit board to check for any visible damage but...
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    Thermador Pro-Range PGR486GDZS 48 inch Griddle not igniting AGAIN!

    So I was last here back in March of '09 and now June of '16 my griddle is up to it again. Actually, not sure when the thing gave out, but it's been over a year. Anyway, I got used to using a manual "clicker" to get the griddle going again and it's been a pain, but you learn to deal with it...
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    New Frigidaire - temperature fluctations

    My brand new (had it for about 3 weeks) Frigidaire FFTR1814QW refrigerator/freezer doesn't seem to be maintaining temperature very well. Checking it periodically just in the last 24 hours (haven't made any adjustments and I'm only opening the door for a brief second) I see a fluctuation in...
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    FIXED HBL3450UC Bosch Oven Gets way to hot

    My Bosch oven (HBL3450UC) is burning everything I put in it. I first noticed it when I burned a pizza in about 8 minutes on 350 without a preheat. I can put the temperature setting on something less than 200 and boil water. Occasionally I get the error message e115.
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    Frigidaire Side by Side Beeping as if Door Ajar for 6 Days

    Please HELP ME! My Frigidaire side by side is beeping for 6 days now. It is the "door ajar" indicator. (5 beeps every minute) Both sides are shut and the only time temps were out was the first day. My fresh food side got up to around 57 and the fan wouldnt kick on. (I think its the fan) I am not...
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    Under counter fridge freezing my beer!

    Hi, I'm having problems with my Jenn-Air under counter fridge. A while back it just started freezing everything in it, which was mostly my beer. :very_drunk: I turned the temp control dial down to 1, and then the next day everything had thawed out and there was a pool of water on the floor...
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    Fridge and Freezer not maintaining temperature

    Hi, I have a Samsung fridge model # RB1855SL When the fridge and freezer gets to the correct temp it will not maintain. When I unplug it it will read a higher temp and compressor will kick on and cool fridge and freezer. I have replaced the main control board located in the back where the...
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    FIXED 2007 Kenmore 596.66252400 : Temperature variation (37F to 52F)

    Hello everyone and thanks for your help. I have a 2007 Kenmore 596.66252400 with the freezer at the bottom and no ice maker. Recently, I begun to have problems with it and someone reffered me to this forum to ask help. Symptoms The temperature vary day to day. For example, last saturday the...
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    GE Profile refrigerator bottom freezer not maintaining temp

    My GE fridg with bottom freezer has been bouncing between 5 and 15 degrees for the past couple of months. A few days ago the temp increased to around 35 and stayed there. The fridg compartment maintains 35 to 40 degrees. The evap coils have NO frost on them and the evap fans seems to be blowing...
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    Can't Change Temperature Setting, Stuck at Factory Default

    Hello, I have a Side-by-Side Frigidaire/Electrolux Refrigerator (PN: 241851243, manual reads PN: 241856000 April 2007). I'm trying to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator compartment without luck. My refrigerator has the single digit display electronic temperature control, with the...
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    Jenn-Air Elec. Wall Oven temperature issues - strange behavior

    I have a Jenn-Air electrical wall convection oven 8114 P955-60 that is doing some strange things. It takes a while to heat up, sometimes it doesn't reach the expected temperature at all. Also, the set temperature needs to be roughly 100 degrees higher than what you want (for example; if you...
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    PFS22SISBSS Temp Display different than stand alone thermometer?

    Long time reader and have always found the info I've needed, but I can't seem to find the answer to this one. Just replaced the "motherboard" and relay on the compressor. After doing so, for some reason, I decided to place a refrigerator thermometer in the fridge. While the GE display reads a...
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    FIXED Frigidaire oven temp problem

    Hi, I have a Frigidaire Professional 40" Duel Fuel Range. I notice that all my bake times take approx. 20-30 min longer than the recipes call for. In trying to figure out the problem, I put a thermometer in the oven and set it to 350 degrees. The oven heating elements turned on and heated up...
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    Hot water in rinse instead of cold

    Hi - The temperature of the water is correct in every mode except rinse. Would this be a timer malfunction or a water inlet (solenoid) issue - or something else? I appreciate any guidance on this. Thanks in advance! Wayne Fort lauderdale
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    GE Profile refrigerator too cold and freezer too warm

    I have a GE Profile top refrigerator/bottom freezer model #PDS22SFSLSS. I have set the fridge portion on the highest temp possible (47) and the temp still stays in the 20's and freezes everything. On the other hand, the freezer stays too warm (teens). When you open the fridge, the metal portion...

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