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    FIXED Kenmore Washer 110.22102311 agitates but doesn't spin

    Problem happened on and off, but then started happening all the time. Error code F7E1. Multimeter test on control board connectors was good. Brake sometimes was engaged without being able to disengage making manual tachometer test unavailable, but unplugging the washing machine for a few minutes...
  2. C

    Kenmore Dryer 417.89390600 - Thermostat test question from newbie...

    Hello! I have an old stacked washer dryer set Kenmore 417.89390600. (new to me). It all seems to work but drying time seems slow. I've blown and vacuumed lint trap area and likewise along with rotary brush cleaned out exhaust hose. Heating element has continuity and measures 22 ohms. - I suppose...
  3. A

    Electrolux EI23BC30KS3 Refrigerator No Longer Cooling - Defrost Issue

    Hi Everyone, I have tried every troubleshooting idea I can think of, and am in a bit of a pinch so hoping for some wise words from this community. The symptom is a warming refrigerator. After digging into the issue, (seeing the evaporator coils completely frosted up) it appeared my...
  4. G

    GE washer S3700E4WW loud when in spin cycle / how to test transmission

    Have a S3700E4WW that sounds like a jet when it goes into the spin cycle. Was going to try to further diag and troubleshoot when I got back into town but it completely died while I was gone last week. My wife put in a load and it filled but even didn't go into the agitate cycle. I've ordered...
  5. R

    Frigidaire FFHB2750TD3 Ice maker test 63c indicates a 2 instead of " 1 and Good".

    My new ( just out of warranty) icemaker quit working after making noises.. Ran the diagnostics and all pass except 63c. Indicates a 2 instead of "1 and Good" . Pushing Set does nothing.

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