thermador oven

  1. B

    ME302J/03 Thermador Double Oven - Broiler comes on randomly during bake

    I am having an issue when I am baking, the broiler elements come on. Sometimes this happens after the oven is on for a while and sometimes is starts out this way. I believe if I change the oven to broil and back to bake, it will fix it. I can't tell if this is a relay issue or a control board...
  2. NickT

    Thermador 30 Inch Double Electric Wall Oven

    I have a Thermador Masterpiece Series 30 Inch Double Electric Wall Oven with 4.7 cu. ft. True Convection Ovens, Self-Clean, 13 Cooking Modes, Temperature Probe, SoftLight Lighting, 3 Telescopic Racks and Star-K Certified: Masterpiece Handles MSRP $5200 Asking price $3000 OBO I welcome any offers.
  3. A

    FIXED Thermador wall oven SMW272YW relay replacement part number needed

    Broiler will come on but not the bake element. Circuit board not available so it's either fix the board or replace the whole oven. Problem is probably a power relay: Omron G8P-UA-006206, is 30A 250VAC. I can't find a replacement and apparently Omron doesn't make one with this part number any...
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