1. K

    Single Thermador oven thinks it's a double

    Hello! I have a single ~13 year old electric Thermador oven (model number plate is too dirty to read). When I try to turn on convection bake it gives the following error "Not available in lower oven". I had a technician come out several months ago to fix the same issue and he resolved it by...
  2. J

    FIXED Thermador Wall Oven SC302T Elements not heating

    Recently purchased a used Thermador SC302T(S) Oven ("works great"... :-( ), and when I connected it to power to test it, the display powered up and the buttons respond as expected. I can hear a fan begin running when I select either upper or lower bake, or upper or lower broil. The display...
  3. T

    FIXED Thermador Cooktop - What needs to be replaced?

    My tenants can't cook on this Thermador because it looks like the burner cap covers are missing. Does anyone have an idea of what I would need to replace to make this functional? The Thermador replacements I find are star shaped but I don't think that is what goes here. Might be cheaper to...
  4. jeddy04

    FIXED Thermador double oven CM302US not turning on the heating elements

    We purchased a thermador double oven used model CM302US. When we purchased it the place we bought it from hooked it up the control panel lit up and the lights in the oven would come on, but it would not turn on. The buttons on the left side work except the button to switch to the lower oven...
  5. W

    Thermador PG364GD Outer glass broken on oven door

    My house came with a Thermador PG364GD. Last year, the outer glass was broken on the door. We tried ordering a replacement door from Sears, but after several delays, they cancelled the order altogether. My husband and I are looking for either another pane of glass, another oven door, or a new...
  6. W

    FIXED Thermador SC302ZP Wiring Diagram? Top oven won't heat during convection

    Have a Thermador SC302ZP/01 double wall oven. It is top convection. On "bake" it seems to work fine. On "convection" it will not heat up (fan runs). Any ideas? Or does anyone have a service manual/wiring diagram for this model?
  7. S

    FIXED Thermador SMW272YP - not heating, 100F on display

    Hi. I'm hoping someone here smarter than myself can help me with my triple stack Thermador in-wall oven not heating. To preface, we've never done the self-cleaning and it was working fine since we moved in (over a year ago) and then all of the sudden the oven stopped heating at all and shows...
  8. 9

    Thermador bad Board Error code 22 leads to Cooling Fan Error Code 43 & discontinued fan 00486894 FYI

    Thermador bad Board Error code 22 leads to Cooling Fan Error Code 43 & discontinued fan 00486894 FYI Hi DIYers! Posting this for posterity. We had a power outage and when we awoke our Thermador range PGR486GDZS/01 was blinking error code 22, which means bad control board. We ordered a new...
  9. J

    20 year old Thermador 48in range - insulation bag

    Model Number: PRSE48GLS Brand: Bosch Age: More than 10 years Hi – I am restoring a 20 year old Thermador 48in range with 2 ovens. The larger oven has an insulation “bag” lining the right side panel - plus 2 layers of a half inch white insulation outward from the bag. The smaller oven does not...
  10. 9

    Thermador Pro-Range PGR486GDZS 48 inch Griddle not igniting AGAIN!

    So I was last here back in March of '09 and now June of '16 my griddle is up to it again. Actually, not sure when the thing gave out, but it's been over a year. Anyway, I got used to using a manual "clicker" to get the griddle going again and it's been a pain, but you learn to deal with it...
  11. D

    Thermador Fault Code F11

    Our Thermador C301U built-in electric single wall oven suddenly started beeping in an irregular way and displaying the fault code "F11." We were not using it at the time. I tried opening the oven’s circuit breaker overnight, but it behaved the same way after I closed the circuit breaker again...
  12. M

    Thermador RED30VQW electric range right side burners problem ...

    Hello everyone. The two left side burners of my range work OK, but the bottom right one runs only on maximum power and the top righ one activates the bottom one and does not work at all. Any suggestions? Regards.
  13. C

    Thermador Oven Won't Turn On

    My Thermador oven [model ME301ES 01] won't turn on. I've tuned off the circuit breaker and waited before turning it on again; this used to work when the oven would become unresponsive but this time it won't even turn on. This post said that it is likely due to a broken PC board 00676192...
  14. D

    Thermador oven issue; Repairman fixed old problem, created new one which he won't correct

    Thermador double wall oven would preheat normally, then stop heating although it indicated on the front panel that it was holding temperature. Repairman called in to diagnose. Removed front panel to get part numbers inside, and dropped it about three feet. Panel did not break. After reassembly...
  15. K

    [FIXED] Thermador indoor grill won't light

    I have a Thermador ( Waste King ) Indoor BBQ Grill that won't light / no spark. It is a model # CGEI29 , with serial # 8405020 . I'm looking to start by replacing the ignitor or pilot electrode and the spark switch . The switch still seems to be available from Thermador and elsewhere, P/N...
  16. J

    thermador testimonial

    I wanted to warn everyone about thermador appliances. We remodeled the kitchen in 2004 and installed almost all Thermador products - 2 ovens, fridge, hood, cook top. Fridge needed a new controller upon installation and it had to be replaced in 2008 - again. First time under warranty, next time...