thermal cut off

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    Samsung Dryer DV42H5200EW/A3 keeps blowing thermal cut off fuse (thermostat)

    I'm experiencing issues with the thermal cut off fuse blowing off after a drying a couple of loads. I really am running out of ideas as to what to try next with this dryer and would welcome advice. In the mean time, this is something I noticed and didn't pay much attention at first but will...
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    FIXED 110.60942990 Kenmore Elite - On going overheating issues

    Short version - I'm regularly tripping the Heating Element Thermal Cut Off, even after replacing multiple parts. Kenmore Elite 110.60942990 Electric Clothes Dryer Long Version -About a year ago I had no heat, tested and verified the heater element was bad. Replaced that and all was well...
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    Heating Problem - Replaced Thermal Cut Off Twice

    I'm beyond frustrated by this, so any help anyone could provide would be fantastic. My dryer stopped working two weeks ago, I quickly determined that it had no heat, so I opened up the back panel and checked the heating element, thermostat and thermal cut off for continuity. The thermal cut off...
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