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thermal fuse

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    Confirm my failure, Whirlpool modular icemaker

    I was diagnosing a no-ice condition in my Whirlpool ED5VHEXVQ01 side by side earlier this week, and jumping the T & H with a wire. I stopped to check something and was distracted. I left the jumper wire in for... several minutes. When I returned the heater was quite warm and I could smell what...
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    Kenmore 110.96586400 Proper Wiring for High Limit Thermostat

    Kenmore Dryer 110.96586400 Dryer is about 15yrs old (I think) and the heat stopped working. Ordered the usual replacement parts Heating element Cycling Thermostat (4 prong) High limit thermostat (2 prong) Thermal fuse (long and narrow, 2 prong) Thermal fuse (short and round, 2 prong) The high...
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    FIXED Whirlpool Dishwasher Model DU943PWKV0 Thermal Fuse Problem

    Good Afternoon, Thank you to everyone who gives your time & effort to run this site. You have previously helped me with repairs to my 25 year old Kenmore direct drive Washing Machine. It still runs great! My Whirlpool Dishwasher Thermal Fuse blew. The dishes were clean & water was left in the...
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    IKEA / Whirlpool Oven IBS350PXS01 Dead No Display

    Greetings all, I hope I can find help here as I've tried many repairs/replacements but with no results. I have an IKEA (Whirlpool) Oven IBS350PXS01. We did the self clean cycle, came back to it and it was dead. Electric is still getting to it, but no display or anything. Initially I assumed it...
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    Kenmore Dryer 110.96220100 overheated and and blew thermal fuse

    Tying to decide whether to fix or replace an old Kenmore electric dryer (reliable for 25 years). Basically failed for the first time, they dryer became very hot and shut down, would no longer start after a cooling period. I discovered the thermal fuse was blown (happy this thing was in the...
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    FIXED Whirlpool built-in oven RBS307PVS02 - How to replace thermal fuse

    My built-in Whirlpool oven (model RBS307PVS02) stopped heating again. It happened a few years ago and I fixed it by replacing the thermal fuse (I think, this part: https://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Thermal-Fuse/WP9759243/1061376), so I suspect I will have to do it again. Any idea where I...
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    KEBC278KSS02 - Thermal fuse temperature rating

    I have a Kitchen Aid KEBC278KSS02 double wall oven. We've had issues with the thermal fuse blowing 3 times in short order. Each time we've called a tech out and he's replaced the fuse. I believe he is installing the wrong temperature rated fuse but have been unable to find a repair manual that...
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    FIXED WED9200SQ0 Whirlpool Duet dryer thermal fuse problem

    I have replaced the thermal fuse in my dryer about three times since owning it (a long time). It always fires right back up after the same issue of not starting. It is doing the same exact thing (all buttons work and board lights up) by clicking and not starting. I ordered two new fuses and...
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    WDT710PAYM4 No Power

    No house breaker tripped. I have power to the outlet. My reading lead me to think it is a thermal fuse. I found the part number: 661566 However, when I open the dishwasher door and access the control panel, I cannot locate where the fuse is inside the control panel. Can you enlighten me on...
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    110.96273100 Kenmore dryer stopped heating up again after replacing Thermal cut off

    Dryer stopped heating up, automatically thought it was the heating element. Ordered a new one and replaced it and same issue. I tested the fuses and sure enough it was the Thermal cut off fuse that was bad. Ordered one and replaced the bad one. Started working for three loads of clothes and now...
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    WED6200SW0 Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer F2 & Thermal Fuse?

    Hi everyone. I need help! I have an old Cabrio dryer. The Start button wouldn't press, so the machine wouldn't start. I called the 1800 number and went over the issue with the woman I spoke with over the phone and she said I need a new thermal fuse. I tried to order it- but the person I spoke to...
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    KUDS02FRSS3 Dishwasher wont complete cycle, shuts off. Powers back on after a few hours of cooling.

    Hello all: I have a KitchenAid Dishwasher Model KUDS02FRSS3 been installed over 7 years ago. It is on a dedicated circuit breaker. The dishwasher starts but before it is complete, say after 45-60 minutes or so it shuts off and all the lights on the panel go off. When I open the dishwasher, I...
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    KEBS207SSS04 Kitchenaid Double Oven blowing thermal fuse

    I have replaced both of the thermal fuses multiple times now. No other symptoms. We do not run the auto clean cycle since the first thermal fuse went out. The ovens are both kept very clean. i.e. always use foil, no messes, exist to build up and catch at high temps. We've never baked at...
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    Kenmore 70 Series Dryer Blows Thermal Fuse

    My father asked me to post this. He has read through and tried the fixes mentioned in other posts, but the dryer still gets hot and blows the thermal fuse. Here's what he's done: Cleaned out the entire system, including all vents and hoses Replaced the temperature control Replaced the heating...
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    SHE3AR56UC Bosch Ascenta dishwasher won't drain or start cycle.

    Had several problems with this thing, and most of the time the problem just magically fixes itself. But now, at the end of cycle yesterday it hadn't drained completely. Restarted, nothing. Cleaned filter, checked impeller, nothing. It will not start a new cycle, sounds like the pump doesn't want...
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    Frigidaire Dryer GLER341AS1 - scraping sound and the dryer wouldn't hear after that

    I have had this dryer for about 6 years and it has been amazing, no problems. The other night I heard a scraping sound and the dryer wouldn't hear after that. I took it apart and noticed the heating coil (element) had broken into many pieces. I ordered a new coil and a new thermal fuse as I read...
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    Thermal Fuse + House power ?

    Hi. I had the control board of my dishwasher replaced 2.5 months ago after 4 yrs of service. 4 weeks later, the thermal fuse blew with evidence of a number of wires getting hot (the insulation on the door was slightly deformed/melted in places). The service tech came out and replaced the fuse...
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    Dishwasher stops in mid cycle with no control panel lights then comes back on after it cools down.

    This is an older KithchenAid but still runs and cleans good. It had this same problem last year so I replaced the thermal fuse with wires and the unit worked wonderfully for about 6 months but now it is doing the same thing again. So I found if I set up a fan to blow on it while I run it, it...
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    FIXED Always blows thermal fuse and is full of water - is it the float valve?

    My dishwasher blew a thermal fuse so I replaced it. However, I've replaced several since as it keeps breaking down. What happens is we find the dishwasher off, then when we open it it's full of standing water, up and over the heating element. I've cleaned the float valve and it seems that the...
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    Not thermal fuse, now what?

    Hi. I found a previous post and it sounded like my thermal fuse was bad, we tested it and it has continuity. What's my next step? The display works, all the buttons work and looks normal, but nothing happens when I push start. It worked fine until one time i pushed start, heard a noise (kind of...

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