thermal fuse

  1. S

    Kenmore Elite Dishwasher - multiple escalating problems resulting in non-working status

    I'm a detail person (sorry), so this is a detailed run-down of my dishwasher's issue (see the numbered steps below to see symptoms & actions taken): HISTORY/BACKGROUND: Dishwasher is 6 years old this month – Great machine! I have a functioning water softener, and use only Cascade powder...
  2. me_rubin

    FIXED KUDS02SRWH1 Thermal Fuse Blown - What could cause it? What else t check

    My Kitchenaid dishwasher KUDS02SRWH1 S/N FT0402046 suddenly was dead no lights, no nothing. Check circuit breaker, OK Checked power to receptacle and wires feeding into dishwasher, OK. Then preceded to look on forum and found that the bad item is probably the Thermal fuse. Read up on...
  3. S

    Kitchenaid Dishwasher Will Not Start

    My Kitchenaid dishwasher will not start. It is at least 7 years old. The lights work on the control panel when choosing the cycles but after I press the start button, nothing happens.After about 20-30 seconds the cycle light just go out. I checked the thermal fuse (which was fine) and replaced a...
  4. H

    FIXED KUDS30IVWH3 Kitchenaid - No lights on front panel.

    Hello, Just this am, I went to empty the dishwasher and load her up again and found the water had not emptied from the last run and there was no response/lights from the front panel. I did a bit of sleuthing on my own and checked some to the obvious things: 1. I checked the breaker (it was...
  5. D

    No heat. Replaced thermal fuse, but they keep failing. What next?

    Hi. I have a 90 Series Kenmore electric dryer, and it's driving me nuts. About 6 months ago, I was getting no heat, so I replaced the thermal fuse and mildly cleaned the exhaust vents. This past week, the dryer wasn't blowing out any heat yet again, and upon investigation, found that the...
  6. S

    Kenmore wall oven - finding thermal fuse / thermofuse / thermoprotector

    Hello, please help! 2008 Kenmore electric wall oven - after self-cleaning, both bake and broil elements do not heat up, and tripping the circuit breaker didn't help. The display and controls operate OK - you can start/stop baking, etc. and hear the relay clicking inside as usual, but then the...
  7. A

    GBS307PDB1 Thermal Fuse Fix

    We have a Whirlpool Gold self cleaning convection oven. Purchased and installed in 1998. Worked fine for many years. However, now every time I run the self cleaning feature... it burns out the thermal fuse. So it costs me $32 every time I clean my oven. Has happened the last three times I have...
  8. H

    (wed5530sq0) Drum will not turn

    Drum will not turn / Dryer heat comes on - but button to spin just goes 'click' / checked for lint - clear / there is some black on heat vent inside / took everything apart and researched to find that issue may be that the 'thermal fuse' is blown / so replaced with (3392519 Whirlpool Dryer...
  9. R

    Kenmore Elite Dishwasher Thermal Fuse

    I have a Kenmore Elite dishwasher, Model Number 665-16919001. The machine stopped working -- no power to unit. For the second time since I purchased this, I replaced the thermal fuse. When I turned the power back on it immediately started smoking and the fuse was burned out again!! ($25...
  10. T

    FIXED Kenmore Dryer Model #110.86870800 dead

    After a few cycles recently, my dryer just stopped working. I didn't hear or smell anything unusual. After reading the posts, I cleaned out the vent (which wasn't bad at all), then ordered and replaced the thermal fuse. When I replaced it, the dryer ran for about 20 minutes and then shut down...
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