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    FIXED LSXS26326S LG Refrigerator How to install thermistor plug to LG linear compressor

    I am replacing the thermistor assembly (part #EBG60663229) on my LG linear compressor, model #FLB075LANA. The compressor has 3 prongs; 2 side by side and a 3rd lower prong in the middle of the other 2. The thermistor assembly has a grey, plastic plug that somehow connect into those prongs. How...
  2. C

    Electrolux (EI26SS30JS4) Refrigerator Temperature Not Reading Correcrly

    After calling Electrolux customer service twice and escalating to a manager I was finally able to get them to provide me with directions on how to perform a diagnostic test on my refrigerator. The current display temperate of my freezer is 28F and my refrigerator is 35F. The diagnostic test...
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    CFE29TSDCSS Refrigerator running continuously; thermistor diagnostic odd

    Hi. Recently, my GE CFE29TSDCSS stopped cooling. I conducted some testing and noticed that the compressor was not running nor was the condenser fan. I replaced the fan and the inverter; fan and compressor both started working again. However, the refrigerator now runs continuously. I used the...
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    WED9200SQ0 I am unable to reset fault codes

    Dryer shows the same fault codes as were present when we had a thermistor go bad -a year ago - all F25's. I am unable to reset those. I have tried powering dryer off (both via unplugging at wall and tripping breaker) for 5 minutes and 30 minutes, but alas - the codes remain. Have also tried...
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    FIXED PFCS1RKZASS GE Profile not regulating temp correctly. Display temp incorrect

    My GE profile fridge is not regulating the temperature correctly. Originally the unit was not cooling due to a bad inverter board. When I replaced this I noticed the 'actual temp' digital display did not change as the unit cooled (both the freezer and fridge). When I unplug the unit and plug it...
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    Samsung DW80F600UTS Heavy + Delicate error, heater keeps burning out

    Hello All, I am one of THOSE husbands that doesn't ask for help until it is really needed and ... I really need some help. I have the DW80F600UTS v.01 dishwasher. 3 weeks ago the washer gave us the Heavy + Delicate error indicator. I pulled the heater and tested discovered it was bad. I...
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    Unknown Service Error Code for 665.13269K114

    I have been attempting to locate a root cause for an issue which originally began as an intermittent failure of the unit to complete a cycle or, if it did complete, the dishes were left wet. The initial diagnostic cycle returned errors 6-6 (Inlet Water-Cool Water) and 7-1 (Heating-No Heat). I...
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    GFDN100EL0WW Not Turning On

    Hello, I have a GE GFDN100EL0WW that is about 4 years old. About two months ago it started acting strange, not finishing a cycle, and sometimes turning off 1 second after the start button was pressed. This was an intermittent problem - I hoped a fluke. I would unplug it and then next time I did...
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    FIXED WF395BTPASU tE error code - Samsung washer

    About 5 second after powering on my washer, the code pops up. I have replaced the thermistor, which did not solve this issue. I looked at all the wires for corrosion and don't find any issues with them. When I run the board input diagnostic test to check the water temp, it reads 437 deg F...
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    DV42H5200GW/A3 Samsung dryer mysterious "te" error. Help!!!

    I recently purchased this dryer with this error thinking I could find the issue and now I'm left stumped. The previous owner replaced the thermistor twice along with the main PCB once, "TE" error displayed four times in sixteen months. Dryer will not run more than five or ten seconds or so...
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    JS42CSDBA Jenn-sure Freezer Not Cold Enough

    This freezer doesn't get cold enough. It hovers right around 32. It is turned all the way down. I am currently looking for the damper. Where is it located and how do I get to it? Evap thermistor also failed self test. Listed as open. We have a large amount of frost build up in freezer as...
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    FIXED EIED55HIW0 E71 Outlet Control Thermistor unsolvable

    Receiving error code E71, 'outlet control thermistor or wiring defective'. Have checked thermistor, was in range between 4.9K Ohm and 6.2K Ohm, checked wire leading from thermistor to control board, also in range; checked control board itself - also in range at 5.66K Ohm. Checked continuity of...
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    WGD9600TW1 DRYER HUMS-WON'T START--did diagnostics

    Hi. I'm very much an amateur but the dryer is all taken apart now, so there's no going back! When Start is pressed, you hear a hum and drum doesn't turn, and the dryer doesn't go on. So I suspected the motor. At first I swear I saw a PF code briefly. Some people online say the thermistor can...
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    Hotpoint (HSM25GFTASA) fridge side not cold freezer ok

    I've tested all fans and they run freely, tested the thermostat and i have continuity there. I've tested the heater element and also have continuity there. The vent doors seem to be opening and closing between the freezer and fridge. From what I understand the timer is not a separate device on...
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    Freezer 0° to 5°, Freg 50°, Fan constantly runnig

    GE side by side freezer is approx. 0° and frig is approx 50°. Ice/frost starts at the bottom of the evaporator to midpoint. Fresh food fan runs constantly. Tested evap thermistor in water (30°) reading was 11kΩ. Replaced evap thermostat and evap thermistor. Test defrost heater for...
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    GE Profile Arctica - refridgerator is warm drawers are normal

    Strange one here, the top part of my refrigerator compartment in very warm at about 45-49 degrees F but the drawers are in the normal range as set on the digital controls and the freezer temperature is also normal. Temperature display reads normal 0/37 degrees, same as freezer and drawer...
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    Frigidaire Electrolux Side by Side Refrigerator freezing all the food

    The main control board on the front on the freezer side is indicating the refrigerator is fluctuating between 40 up to 57*F. At 40*F of course it should be fine, but the freezer side is indicating it's at -15*F when the refrigerator side is at a normal temperature. When the fridge is up to about...
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    Replaced Condenser fan, still not running, Questions on motherboard voltages

    Bottom Freezer, freezer was not cold, side panels by front sliding door were hot, condenser fan was not running. Checked voltages on mother board, one was about 13.6, good. I had read that the other one to check could be 12, 8 or 4 depending on model and if you had something that was variable...
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    Need help locating Thermistor on Samsung DW80F600UTS

    I have the dishwasher out, trying to find the thermistor to replace. I am getting E1 error code. Please help!
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    Inglis dryer will not heat, thermistor suspected.

    Hey all! I'm new to the forums, and I've come with some questions about a malfunctioning dryer (did I come to the right place? ;)). I did not post this in one of the manufacturer sub-forums as none of them were applicable to the dryer in question, an Inglis #YIED7200TW. A bit about myself so you...

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