thermostat controls

  1. N

    How Reset Old Maytag Wall Oven Thermostat

    I have an old Maytag Wall Oven Model CWE451 or CWE 401. I've noticed the actual temp is a lot less than what I set it at. Finally did an 'experiment' setting the temp at 50 deg intervals and recording the actual temp as seen on an equally old bimetallic stove thermometer. As expected, the...
  2. G

    Fluctuating Temperature on upright Kenmore Freezer Model 253.23424101

    I noticed that my freezer was around 20F one day. I started investigating and discovered that it is easy for the thermostat dial to be bumped and turned when moving items around in the freezer. The dial is located on the back of the freezer about midway up. I thought that was the problem but...
  3. kami009

    Kenmore Refrigerator Model# 106.50292010 Needs Punching to continue working

    Hello to all that are trying to help, I been trying to repair my Fridge when I noticed its not turning on to cool and the only thing that has worked so far is when I got angry and punched the thermostat controls and the fridge started to work and it works for a good for few hours and then stops...
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