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    1952 GM Frigidaire SR-60 Refrigerator Thermostat (Cold Control) Freezing

    Here's my story on my refrigerator. I think I have it fixed for now but please comment as the hive knowledge has been very helpful. I am an automotive guy with A/C knowledge in that world. Some of it crossed over and some does not. I picked this refrigerator up 7 or 8 years ago from...
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    1947 GE FRIDGE Thermostat Help!!!!!

    I am restoring a 1947 GE fridge and I thought I was good cause it was running but now it never stops running. It freezes everything. Even when I turn the knob off it still runs. What kind of replacement thermostat will work?
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    106.51133210 Kenmore Refrigerator/freezer doesn’t get cold enough.

    Kenmore Coldspot: 106.51133210 (side-by-side) The refrigerator started getting warm so I moved almost all the food to garage fridge. Some things I moved from fridge to freezer because the freezer temperature was roughly what the fridge should be. After a day or two it got cold again and froze...
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    RF266AEBP - Testing the DA47-00243K Bimetal Defrost Thermostat

    Short story/question: I'm looking for info on testing the DA47-00243K Bimetal defrost thermostat. Everything I know and have read about these devices is that should be closed when frozen and open when warmed above "room" temperature. For this specific device I believe these numbers to be open...
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    Viking UVAR140 beverage center stopped working

    I have a Viking beverage center that has just stopped working. No compressor running...just the light so you can see it's not working. Turned dial up and down. Unplugged and replugged...nothing. I replaced the thermostat 2 years ago and it has been running fine since but now this. Ideas??
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    KUWS24LSBS Wine Cellar Does Not Go Below 60F

    I have had this KUWS24LSBS Wine Cellar for two years and the past few months we have noticed that it does not go below 60F when on the coldest setting. It only has 4 bottles inside and wanted to see if anyone has had this issue. The fans still turn on and sounds like it is running fine. Is it...
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    SU130 Jenn-Air Range - Wiggling oven thermostat buzz and light flicker

    Jenn Air SU130 When you wiggle or tap the thermostat dial, it sometimes buzzes. Also if the oven light is on, wiggling the thermostat makes the light flicker on and off. Is the thermostat bad or is it a wiring issue? Why does the light flicker?
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    106.51713411 Kenmore coldspot not getting cold enough

    Hello, My freezer and fridge are both about twenty degrees warmer than they are set to, freezer reading 20 degree F, water dispenser is also no longer dispensing water (the display continues to work, counting the ounces it should have dispensed). The air ways are clear from what I can tell...
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    TFX30PR GE Refrigerator Cooling intermittently

    20+ year old GE side by side - best refrigerator I have ever owned. A month ago I noticed it had stopped making ice. Checked temperature with a temp gun and found freezer compartment at 30 degrees, fresh food side at 45 degrees. Further investigation found compressor cooling fan not turning, and...
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    790.49533312 Kenmore Double Wall Oven - Top oven won’t stay hot

    Hoping to get some help- so glad to find this place. I have a Kenmore electric double wall oven, model 790.49533312- I think it might be about 8 years old. Unfortunately, the top oven will heat up to temp, but won’t stay warm. When I select ‘bake’ it gets up to temp, and then immediately allows...
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    ID5HHEXWS00 Replacement thermostat "cold control" has different electrical connector configuration; need help for connections

    For a side-by-side freezer/fridge from IKEA (Whirlpool mfr.), model ID5HHEXWS00, here is the problem: A cold control, part WP2198202 was ordered. The push-on connectors (other than ground) have a completely different configuration than the original. So I have no guidance for where to connect the...
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    NE594R0ABS Samsung Range - oven not heating properly

    I have an electric Samsung Oven/Range. Recently, the oven does not heat up well. I tested it recently and turned on the oven. The oven sounded the indicator within about 5 minutes telling me it had reached 350-degrees. However, the temp inside the over was only about 175 degrees. I kept the...
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    How to select/force fan speed on a Bryant 355CAV042060FASA

    Issue: This HVAC system used to be managed by a Carrier Infinity SYSTXBBUID01-B thermostat. About a year ago, the display died, and the HVAC technician replaced the thermostat with a FocusPRO TH6220D1028, which doesn't support fan speed control. The home owner (older family member) always ran...
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    FIXED WDT780SAEM1 Whirlpool Dishwasher - Heating element not turning on

    Heating element is not turning on. I removed it from the dishwasher and it reads a resistance of 15 ohms. I replaced the thermostat and the heating element is still not turning on. What do I check next? Thanks!
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    GEQ9800LW0 Electric dryer burning out thermal cutoffs.

    I've been fighting a problem on our electric dryer and I'm at a point where I need more experienced assistance. The dryer stopped heating up a week ago and I have attempted repairs. I tested the heating element and had good continuity. Likewise, I had good continuity on the thermostat. I did not...
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    DV330AEW Thermostat keeps blowing,dryer cold.

    Hi everyone ,any help would be great. Im about ready to give up. This dryer is killing me slowly. Ive replaced heater coil. thermostat . The dryer will not stay hot. I checked for blockages a million times,even disconnected vent and ran dryer. Nothing is clogged. Am i buying wrong thermostat...
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    WFG515S0ES1 Whirlpool oven will not maintain temperature

    Our 14 month old oven heats up to temperature fine, then the burner shuts off (as it should), but it never turns back on to maintain the temperature. If I cancel it and restart it, it turns back on and heats up, but the same problem continues. I checked the temperature sensor, and it reads...
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    110.66812690 Kenmore 80 Series Low Setting is too hot

    The dryer is frequently too hot when used on the low setting. It can get hot enough that the clothes feel surprisingly hot to the touch. Here's what I've checked so far: 1. Airflow from the dryer and through the vent are both good 2. Heater element is NOT shorted and I can see it switch on...
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    DDE7209RALWW Electric dryer heat doesn't go off, get's too hot.

    The clothes dryer just gets hotter and hotter. I thoroughly cleaned out the lint but that didn't fix it. I monitored the output air temp and turned it off when it reached 160 degrees. I suspect the cycling thermostat has failed. I want to remove the one in it to be sure I get the correct...
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    Kenmore Coldspot Not Defrosting Properly

    Hello, I have an old Sears/Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator that serves primarily as a beer fridge and lives in my garage. Lately it has not been cooling properly. I've done some troubleshooting and found a few things: Thick frost is building up in the back of the freezer on the evaporator...
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