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    Trivia Question - Does old thermostat affect baseboard heater efficiency?

    Greetings, I bet there is someone here who can answer this question. Does, (or can), an old thermostat affect baseboard heater efficiency? We have several old White-Rogers single dial type thermostats in several rooms. I believe the most used living room thermostat was causing a line noise...
  2. L

    Whirlpool Quiet Partner II keeps running wash cycle

    Hi everyone, My Whirlpool Quiet Partner II won't stop running the wash cycle and move on to the rinse cycle. I've read somewhere that it could be the thermostat, so I would like to try to replace it. Does anyone here know of any videos explaining how to do it for this model, or have any links...
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    Frigidaire Stuck In Heating Delay

    I have a Frigidaire FDBR35RBB0 that is getting stuck in the wash cycle, and the heating delay light is coming on. The cycle won't progress unless I move the dial manually. I don't believe it's the element because when I move the cycle to Dry, the washer gets hot. I checked the water temp from...
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    FIXED Frigidaire Refrigerator Not Defrosting

    Please help me on this problem. My Frigidaire Refrigerator is not defrosting. Please see the attached picture. You can see that ice is building up. My question is that inside the picture, it looks like the heater and the defrost thermostat have never been hooked up. Both of them have been...
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    253.67879508 Kenmore Problem?

    Hey guy's... This question might have been asked before, infact I know it has. I am only looking for clarification as I think I know the problem and because I don't want to screw up my mom's refrigerator even more in process of doing a good deed. The problem is that as soon as you turn the...
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    Bake element not working. Thermostat or Controller board?

    I own a frigidaire professional series built-in oven model CPEB30S9FC1 that is approximately 7 years old. A few weeks ago while cooking pizza at 400 degrees smoke started coming out of the oven after 20 minutes and the oven started to give out a continuous beep and the control panel showed me...
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    Defrost thermostat - frosting of coils

    Not sure the age of my fridge but it is a GE Profile - model PBA18KBMAR... I have been dealing with defrost issues and have ran several diagnostics. The issue is frosting up of coils and heater not being turned on by thermostat. I had determined that my defrost thermostat was bad by bypassing...
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    FIXED SubZero 550 Freezer won't come on

    The freezer on our subzero keeps getting stuck off. If I check voltage across the thermostat wires at the defrost timer, I get around 3 to 6 volts, if that means anything. When I unplug wires from the thermostat to test, I get the full 120, and once I plug it back in, everything's fine...
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    FIXED Dryer Won't Heat Up

    My Whirlpool dryer won't heat up. Everything else works. It lights up, tumbles, runs air through, but no heat. Tried it on the automatic-dry setting, the timed-dry setting and all three temperature settings. No heat. I attached a picture of what it looks like with the back off. The heating...
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    FIXED Freezing Mystery

    Sorry for the lengthy story, but I'd rather give too much information than to little to help any experts around here to diagnose and help! My Story: So I have a spare fridge that is in my back room used to keep wine and beer in mostly. It broke a while back and I had to replace the control...
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    GE refrigerator and freezer help

    Hello everyone We have had this refrigerator for about five years and up till now we have had no major problems, but now the refrigerator seem to never stop running and the thermostat say it is at 37 for the fridge and 0 degrees for the freezer. The fridge is freezing all of the items in it like...
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    Kitchenaid ksra25fkss00 ice maker & freezer problems

    Our Kitchenaid superba side-by-side is just over 10 years old and we've had some problems that we'd like to try to repair ourselves. First, the ice maker stopped working. Then we noticed that unless we have the thermostat set to the maximum value, items in the freezer melted. We tested the...
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    A thank-you and Qs

    I'd like to thank those in this forum for posting their appliance problems and Jake for his answers. I noticed over several days that our fridge was gradually getting worse at cooling. I adjusted the thermostat up very slightly a couple days ago, but the problem worsened. Yesterday, we noticed...
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    FIXED Kenmore HE4 dryer

    The HE4 dryer stopped working and displayed the error code E1. I replaced the thermistor and tested on two loads of clothes. I then put the from cover back on and put another load on and within a couple minutes the dryer shut off and displayed the error E1 code again. Its as though it...
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    It's not possible to run a 4th common wire for my new thermostat??

    Read: I have 3 wires and apparently a 4th, the the common wire, is missing (to be clear I don't want 4 common wires, I just can't change my thread title my mistake). I wanted this thermostat installed in my condo: Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat Trane Remote Energy...
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    Sears Kenmore starts then stops

    See my problem on YouTube here: Need Repair Help - Kenmore Dryer.MOV - YouTube I just replaced the motor, but that wasn't the problem... Kenmore (Frigidaire) - Sears Canada Model - 970-c84102-00 Serial - xd50600852 jason
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    Kenmore wall oven - finding thermal fuse / thermofuse / thermoprotector

    Hello, please help! 2008 Kenmore electric wall oven - after self-cleaning, both bake and broil elements do not heat up, and tripping the circuit breaker didn't help. The display and controls operate OK - you can start/stop baking, etc. and hear the relay clicking inside as usual, but then the...
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    [FIXED] Kenmore Series 90 - no heat again and again

    My dryer has no heat. Again. Here's the story. Fix #1) About 5 weeks ago I had no heat. We tested everything and found the heating coil was broken. Replaced heating coil. It worked! Fix #2) about 2 weeks ago, again no heat. tested the fuse, thermostat, heating coil with an ohm meter. Fuse...
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    Change refrigerator thermostat on ARG420/3

    SOLVED: Change refrigerator thermostat on ARG420/3 Hi, I'm looking to change the thermostat on the Whirlpool ARG420/3 since even on the highest setting (7), the fridge only cools to 10C. I have tested by bypassing the thermostat and the fridge goes down to 0C, so I am pretty confident that the...
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    FIXED PLES389ECH Range - F30 Error - Difference between themostats?

    Hi all, We've had this range/oven just under 3 years, and rarely use the oven but use the cooktop all the time. A few months ago we wanted to bake something, but got the F30 error. My dad and I opened up the back and checked the thermostats and temp probe. The parts break-out diagram...
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