1. S

    Kenmore wall oven - finding thermal fuse / thermofuse / thermoprotector

    Hello, please help! 2008 Kenmore electric wall oven - after self-cleaning, both bake and broil elements do not heat up, and tripping the circuit breaker didn't help. The display and controls operate OK - you can start/stop baking, etc. and hear the relay clicking inside as usual, but then the...
  2. D

    [FIXED] Kenmore Series 90 - no heat again and again

    My dryer has no heat. Again. Here's the story. Fix #1) About 5 weeks ago I had no heat. We tested everything and found the heating coil was broken. Replaced heating coil. It worked! Fix #2) about 2 weeks ago, again no heat. tested the fuse, thermostat, heating coil with an ohm meter. Fuse...
  3. H

    Change refrigerator thermostat on ARG420/3

    SOLVED: Change refrigerator thermostat on ARG420/3 Hi, I'm looking to change the thermostat on the Whirlpool ARG420/3 since even on the highest setting (7), the fridge only cools to 10C. I have tested by bypassing the thermostat and the fridge goes down to 0C, so I am pretty confident that the...
  4. F

    FIXED PLES389ECH Range - F30 Error - Difference between themostats?

    Hi all, We've had this range/oven just under 3 years, and rarely use the oven but use the cooktop all the time. A few months ago we wanted to bake something, but got the F30 error. My dad and I opened up the back and checked the thermostats and temp probe. The parts break-out diagram...
  5. K

    Heat on then off (element,thermostat,or thermal limiter?)

    I think I have a lot of info, but I lack the experience, hopefully a skilled person can tell me a quick fix! I have a Frigidaire ELECTRIC combo washer/dryer station and have had problems with the dryer taking too long. It heats up, but just not hot enough. Here is the parts diagram I ran the...
  6. J

    refrigerator thermostat question

    Recently replaced defrost timer - now freezer is at 0 degrees, frefrigerator will not go below 43 degrees even at max. Is this thermostat defective since temp control know only controls air flow i asusme thermostat temperature sensor is fixed at some predetermined termperature? Can you replace...
  7. M

    freezer/fridge too warm

    Just bought a 5yr old side-by-side which has been in storage for the last few months. It's been plugged in and running for 5 days now and Both freezer and fridge settings are at "Max Cold". Freezer holds at about 10 deg and Fridge at about 46-48. Icemaker runs great, the unit just holding too...
  8. A

    Not your standard warm fridge/cold freezer problem..HELP

    So I have looked over about 100 different posts with the same problem I am having, but because of my crappy luck, no amount of troubleshooting seems to work. So, I have a Maytag Plus (MTB2156BEW) Freezer on top fridge that came with the house. It had been working great for us for 7 years and...
  9. R

    [FIXED] Maytag oven not working

    I have a Maytag freestanding gas oven - model number MGR1411BDW. The gas burners work on top, but the oven/broiler doesn't work. the ignitor appears to be working fine (glowing). Is it the thermostat? thanks, Ross
  10. P

    GE Top Freezer Refridge - need diagnosis help...

    GE Top Freezer...model PTS25LBMARWW... ~5 years old. Stopped working suddenly. This is what I've checked so far... Power coming in OK. Power up to motherboard OK. Fans running OK (both of them) Lights come on and off as they should Checked power coming out of motherboard TO compressor -...
  11. J

    Maytag Neptune - Too Hot!

    MDE4000AYW Always runs at what I assume is maximum heat, except on "Air Fluff". Even on UltraCare setting. Temp: 150 degrees at vent on any heat setting (delicate-regular, ultra care) Air Fluff = No heat Vent is clear. Continuity Tests: L150-15F thermostat - 0.5ohm between two outside...

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