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    110.26712693 Kenmore 70 series grinding sound and thumping

    So my Kenmore 70 series washer is making a grinding sound and then when it goes to spin it gets off balance and starts banging the side. What would i need to repkace to fix these issues?
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    417.92702200 Kenmore Laundry Center - Light Thumping in Dryer

    Thanks in advance for your help. I have a Kenmore laundry center (417.92702200) that was in a home I bought in 2014. This is a stacked dryer. Recently started making a light thumping sound every 1ish seconds followed by 2 short tapping sounds (happy to send audio). Initially, sounded...
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    FIXED GE Top Loader Washing machine makes thudding noise while agitating

    I've just recently started repairing appliances and have had alot of luck looking on blogs. ANyway looking for a 'home' to continue doing this. I have a GE washer that I've had maybe 2 yrs. Its started making a thudding or thumping noise while its agitating usually when its in casual clothes...