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    FIXED Maytag MEDC200XW3 timer and heat issues

    This is an old dryer - a good twenty years, I'd guess, if not a tad more. But I hate to get rid of it, as it's easy to work on and just WORKS. Earlier this week, we discovered that it wasn't shutting off - it would run to the end of a cycle (timed dry or auto) but run indefinitely in the "cool...
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    Whirlpool CEM2743BQ0 coin operated dryer doesn't turn off and will keep running until you open the door.

    Hey there Dryer is a coin operated Whirlpool - CEM2743BQ0 A tenant called the other day and said the dryer ate her quarters and didn't turn on. When I went to check it out I opened the panel door on the coin operation box and moved the lever simulating the coin slot push (this is the process I...
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    FIXED FFTR1821TD0 A perplexing riddle: EVAP fan goes on during defrost, off during cooling.

    My 18 cubic foot Frigidaire has the classic cold freezer warm fridge issue. I assumed it was the defrost timer so I replaced it. I also replaced solenoid and the temperature adjust thermostat. The evaporator fan works fine I tested it with direct 110 volts. When I turn the defrost timer advance...
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    GGW9878JQ1 Whirlpool gas dryer auto dry feature doesn't advance the timer

    I have a whirlpool dryer that is pretty old. It stopped advancing the timer in the auto dry feature. The regular timed dry feature advances the timer. The result is that the dryer stays on and doesn't turn off. I replaced the timer, the thermistor, and the thermal fuze. I think the only...
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    Frigidaire Gallery Electric Dryer GLER331AS2 timer wiring help/plus issues with to much heat/burned up element /scorched clothes. Please help

    My dryer wasn't heating well. It was taking around 2 and a half cycles on high, timed dry to get our clothes dry. So I took the front off, took out the drum and stated cleaning out lint. Unfortunately the top that was propt against the wall fell back behind the dryer. This pulled all the...
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    FIXED Samsung Range NX58M6850SS/AA Clock is frozen

    I have a Samsung NX58M6850SS/AA that I bought at the end of 2018. All of a sudden the clock is frozen. If I go into the SmartThings app, I can set the clock but once it is set it will stay at that time. If I set it manually at the control panel, it will also be frozen at the time I set. I...
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    110.20802990 Kenmore 80 series washer - cannot find timer switch for sale

    Hi appliance pals, I've got a Kenmore 80 series washer that was in my house when I bought it 8 years ago, and was probably bought around ~2000. Today the timer switch failed fairly unambiguously - the machine won't run at any speed or on any setting, and won't drain. The motor does not sound...
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    FIXED Old Maytag washer LA608 timer wires.

    The timer will not advance, the wires don't appear to be in the correct location. Having an issue with wiring up the new upgraded timer... (2-4476N) OEM (204476)
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    LXR9445JQ1 1999 Whirlpool Washer - Have to hit door

    HI I have a 1999 washer that makes a whirring noise from the timer. I took the top off and removed and reinstalled the connections. Then I ran a load. The washer stopped and I opened and closed the door then hit the door with my hand. Then it resumed. Is this the timer?
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    FEX831CS0 Frigidaire Washer Won't Drain

    I've changed out the pump and troubleshot several other things, but now I'm out of my depth. Thank you for taking the time to look. I've uploaded some pics - It's a Frigidaire FEX831CS0 Ok, here's the deal. It worked fine until one day it wouldn't drain. It still agitates. I used my shop vac...
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    FIXED WGD5200VQ0 Whirlpool Dryer Timer Issue

    Hello, I have a Whirlpool model WGD5200VQ0 dryer and my original issue was it would not start. I determined it was the timer (model M460-G, FSP number 8299765), ordered a new timer (model M460-G, FSP number 3979617) from RepairClinic saying this was the correct replacement, and now my dryer...
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    NED4655EW1 Amana Dryer Timer Issue

    I have an Amana Model NED4655EW1 Electric Dryer. The timer runs and advances to the cycle end in both the Automatic Dry and Time Settings, when the dryer is not on. The dryer works fine besides that. Please help! Like I said, it works fine besides that, but it just bugs me. Thanks, Larry
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    110.72872101 Kenmore 80 Washer topload, no longer spins

    Good afternoon everyone, I was wondering if I could have some tech support on my washing machine. It has been acting up recently and it's becoming frustrating. The machine has issues spinning and agitating. I'd load it full of clothes and select the cycle, pull out the knob and it wouldn't do...
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    Identifying an old Hotpoint Oven (so I can fix the timer and clock)

    Hi! I'm new here and have an old Hotpoint wall oven that works (and looks) great, aside from the clock/timer. I'm trying to track down a manual for it, but that is proving difficult. It says it's Cat. No. 10RJ10 with Serial No. 9892025, but I can't find anything on that at all. My guess from...
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    FIXED WPSF4170W0WW How do I get the timer knob off?

    I just bought a used GE Harmony washer. The outer knob doesn't turn the inner knob - in other words, you need to turn the collar to set the cycle, then use the outer knob to push it in or pull it out. I can probably repair it myself or just buy a new knob, but how do you get it off? I image it...
  16. K

    FIXED MEDX655DW1 Maytag Bravos Dryer timer won’t advance

    Maytag model: MEDX655DW1 Dryer timer will not advance in any setting; timed dry, sensor dry, etc. Timer motor has power. Timer motor resistance check shows ~2700 ohms. Electrical testing seems to show the timer motor being okay. There is no heat produced in air fluff mode which tells me...
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    FIXED Bosch Oven Timer Locked

    We have a newer Bosch Double oven with the Right-hand Swing Doors. My wife does a lot of baking and loves that she doesnt have to reach over the hot doors to get things in and out of tbe oven. Only major flaw with this oven is there is something wrong with the built in Kitchen Timer feature...
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    FIXED 110.20802990 Kenmore Series 80 Stops Mid-Cycle at Multiple Points

    I'm renting a unit that has an old Kenmore Series 80 Washing Machine. The lease explicitly does not cover the washer, so I'm looking to see if there's a cheaper way to fix it than to buy a new washer. The problem is that the washer repeatedly stops mid-cycle. On permanent press, it will...
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    IS22AGXTQ00 Inglis side-by-side Defrost Timer Question

    Hello. My Inglis side-by-side is not defrosting. I have tested both the defrost heating element and thermostat for continuity and they both test as working. The defrost TIMER advances, but the heater does not come on. Is it possible for the timer to advance in and out of the defrost cycle...
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    Hello everyone, I'm handy with tools but a Washer Amateur. I have plenty of experience doing replacements and fix-its on appliances and cars. I'm having trouble working on our Roper washing machine. Model no. RTW4340SQ0. The timer stopped working when I noticed the first spin was going on 45...
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