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    Kenmore Coldspot 106.58146801 fridge side too cold

    The fridge is too cold and freezes everything. Even though I set the temp control on 1 for the freezer and fridge, cold air comes out from the top-left compartment in fridge. Even when I turned the fridge off (as in the attached pics) the cold air continued to come in from the top vent for...
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    FCM16DLCWW General Electric chest freezer too cold, sounds alarm, thermistor stuck in well

    General Electric chest freezer temp alarm keeps going off even though unit is running at -15. Changed electronic control and unit still sounds the alarm. Tried to remove thermistor from well but it wouldn't pull out. I was afraid to pull so hard that I would break the old one and really be...
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    1950s Frigidaire Refrigerator help

    I have what I believe is a 50s Frigidaire. The model number on the back is an SS-77. It seems to be freezing everything . from what I've determined it's a thermostat. But I can't find any info on this unit. So I have no clue what year it is or where I can find parts. Nor can I find anyone else...
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    FIXED Electrolux EI32AR80QSC - Refrigerator temperature fluctuate from 22 - 49 degrees

    Hello, I have an Electrolux EI32AR80QSC. The refrigerator temperature fluctuates from 22 - 49 degrees causing food to either be frozen or too warm where the alarm goes off. I have replaced the Thermistor, Electronic Control, and the Board. Can you help me troubleshoot further? Attached is a...
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    FIXED KRFF507ESS01 KitchenAid Refrigerator Too Cold

    I've owned the KitchenAid KRFF507ESS01 for about 3.5 years now. In the past I had the main board replaced under warranty and problems with the refrigerator evaporator frosting. The ADC was set to 8 hour cycle and I haven't had any frosting problems since this was done 4 months ago. The...
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    FSC23R5DW0 Frigidaire freezer side is too cold. ~-22F

    Initially, this side by side fridge/freezer had a problem of not being able to keep temperature. So it started warming up on the fridge side to 50-60F, and freezer side to about 32F. Emptied it out, and noticed that the evaporator coil compartment felt extremely cold, and felt like there was a...
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    796.29002000 Water temp is too cold

    Kenmore Elite, 796.29002000, doesn't fill with warm/hot water as selected. All hoses have been clear of foreign matter. Screens have been cleaned, Solenoids (both hot & cold) measure about 29 ohms resistance (no opens or shorts). When selected to "whites", program preselects to hot (wash)/cold...
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    FIXED Electrolux AFFC2528DW3 - Running at -14° despite control setting

    My upright freezer has been declared dead. I'm switching to a chest freezer I purchased from our local school when they were renovating their kitchen. It seems to run okay with the following exceptions. 1) From the time I plug it in, the alarm light blinks and the alarm sounds (until I press...
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    FIXED PFCS1RKZASS GE Profile not regulating temp correctly. Display temp incorrect

    My GE profile fridge is not regulating the temperature correctly. Originally the unit was not cooling due to a bad inverter board. When I replaced this I noticed the 'actual temp' digital display did not change as the unit cooled (both the freezer and fridge). When I unplug the unit and plug it...
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    106.53272300 Kenmore side by side freezer too cold

    I have been told that my minus 30 temperature is because of the "cold control" This is a computer controlled board and I can't find the "computer and software user guide" referred to in the manual. Ihe diagnostic guide is supposed to be in the fridge but is not.
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    FIXED ED25RF Refrigerator Cooling Control Problem - Too cold

    My old girl has developed a cooling problem. The normal thermostat setting (on the refrigerator) got everything too cold. The freezer section had ice forming, the Ice Maker had icicles dripping down, the fill tube fully frozen. Portions of the ice bucket had defrosted and re-frozen. The...
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    RB215LASH Samsung fridge getting too cold

    I have a Samsung RB215LASH that is approximately 8 years old. The fridge side is getting too cold and freezing everything even though the temp is set on 42. I ran the diagnostic that report C-Fan Error, but not sure if that could be causing the issue. I'm thinking it's either the thermostat or a...
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    Freezer barely freezing and fridge not cooling properly

    Freezer side reads 5 and fridge side reads 43-47...fridge side also freezes things in the bottom. I haven't heard the evap fan come on for a long time, and I'm also seeing thermistor and defrost thermostat on other sites. Need to get an idea of where to go with this thing !
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