too hot to touch

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    FIXED DSXH43EA0WW GE Dryer Too Hot

    My Ge dryer model # DSXH43EA0WW manufacture date 2001 runs so hot that you can not touch the top of the dryer, paint actually blistered. Replaced both thermostats the one in the back and the one in the front blower but no change. Took out the heater element and it looks fine and tested with...
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    New Frigidaire Range, exterior gets scorching hot while oven is on

    Purchased 2 weeks ago. When running oven, exterior gets very hot. At 350 degrees, the front lip of the cooktop was 140 degrees (measured with my kitchen thermometer)! The center top of the console also gets very hot, so hot that the heat can be felt through the wall. Frigidaire tells me its...