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too hot

  1. J

    Frigidaire Gallery Electric Dryer GLER331AS2 timer wiring help/plus issues with to much heat/burned up element /scorched clothes. Please help

    My dryer wasn't heating well. It was taking around 2 and a half cycles on high, timed dry to get our clothes dry. So I took the front off, took out the drum and stated cleaning out lint. Unfortunately the top that was propt against the wall fell back behind the dryer. This pulled all the...
  2. K

    FAQG7011KW0 Frigidaire Dryer too hot melting clothes

    FAQG7011KW0 Frigidaire Dryer. A year ago, something must've melted on the dryer grate (part #: 5304508449) and left black plastic pieces that is destroying my clothes as the plastic pieces get scorched on my clothes. I replaced all the entire vent hose as they were stuffed with lint and scraped...
  3. G

    AEQ7000ES1 Gets extremely hot

    This is a front load affinity electric dryer, about 6 years old and it does approx 4 to 6 loads each day 7 days a week Every once in a while it will get extremely hot. I have checked all venting etc. and totally clean.As a matter of fact we live in costa Rica and the dryer do not need or have a...
  4. J

    110.66812690 Kenmore 80 Series Low Setting is too hot

    The dryer is frequently too hot when used on the low setting. It can get hot enough that the clothes feel surprisingly hot to the touch. Here's what I've checked so far: 1. Airflow from the dryer and through the vent are both good 2. Heater element is NOT shorted and I can see it switch on...
  5. W

    Kenmore 70 Series Dryer Blows Thermal Fuse

    My father asked me to post this. He has read through and tried the fixes mentioned in other posts, but the dryer still gets hot and blows the thermal fuse. Here's what he's done: Cleaned out the entire system, including all vents and hoses Replaced the temperature control Replaced the heating...
  6. H

    Kitchaid Superba double wall oven multiple problems

    I just purchased a house that has a KitchenAid KEBS247DWH10 double wall oven. This is the 24" wide double wall oven There are a number of issues, most of which I suspect have a common cause. When I first viewed the house I noticed that the lower oven door would not stay closed properly. The...

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