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    WBSE2090A0WW GE Washer Starts On Final Cycle

    When I hit the start button the washer jumps straight to the final cycle as if it's draining a finished load of laundry. I have tried unplugging, waiting one minute, and then plugging it back in. I am unable to find any sort of reset button. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. -Joseph
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    Whirlpool Model: LSV6233AN0 Serial: CC4306972 Leaking

    Hello, I recently bought a used Whirlpool Washing machine and it's leaking. Trying to figure out where it's coming from. By chance, can I get a copy of the pin-outs of this washing machine? The entire repair manual would be even better. Right now, I'm trying to figure which two wires on the...
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    GTWN4250D1WS GE washer not draining

    I have a GE top load washer, model number GTWN4250D1WS, that isn’t draining properly and it just started recently. I have already tried replacing the drain hose with no luck. I’ve also noticed that the cup for the fabric softener isn’t draining either. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    FIXED LG WT5001CW Spline on new clutch is the wrong size

    I ordered a new wash plate a few years ago and it fit fine. I had to replace the clutch assy. recently. Ordered the part and installed. It started the UE code so I figured the splines was stripped again (common problem) When I removed the wash plate, I discovered the spline on the new clutch was...
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    Admiral washer ATW4676BQ will not move past WASH cycle

    My admiral top load washer (ATW4676BQ) is about a year and a half old. When I try to complete any full cycle the washer fills water to the appropriate level and then the LED light indicates that it has switched to WASH. Once it is on wash it doesn't agitate or continue through the cycle. I...
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    GE WJRE5500G0WW Top Loader Won't Agitate or Spin

    My GE top load washer won't agitate or spin. I defeated the lid switch by putting the two wires together with a wire nut. This did not help. The washer goes through all the steps ending at the spin - but it is not actually agitating or spinning when it should be. The drive belt is connected...
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    WTW5820SW0 Whirlpool topload - Rumbles when drum is braking

    I have a topload washer that has started rumbling REALLY LOAD when the spin cycles begin the stopping process. It rumbles to a halt. Everything seems to function, just stops with lots of noise. I removed the agitator and could see the drum nut (the one that requires the special tool). Seemed...
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    Frigidaire Bearing Help

    Okay so I need to replace the bearing on my Frigidaire top load washer. Model#FWS933FS0. What is all the parts and tools that I will need?