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    Trane XB80 Furnace Ignition timing not working.

    I have a Trane XB80 furnace that is roughly 20 years old. The Hot Surface Igniter is not getting up to temperature to ignite. It shuts off, turns back on... And then proceeds to the second cycle, still doesn't... and so on and so forth until it just times out and stops permanently and blows...
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    Trane TUE120A960 only blowing cold air

    Hello, I have a Trane Furnace model TUE120A960 and trying to figure out how to get this thing to stay fired up. It will temporarily fire up and heat the home for approximately 30 minutes to an hour and just turns off and blow cold air. I would have to go to the unit turn it off then back on for...
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    It's not possible to run a 4th common wire for my new thermostat??

    Read: I have 3 wires and apparently a 4th, the the common wire, is missing (to be clear I don't want 4 common wires, I just can't change my thread title my mistake). I wanted this thermostat installed in my condo: Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat Trane Remote Energy...